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[NSW]Speeding fines -Has this ever happened to anyone? [NSW]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by michael_lp, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. In the 2 years that I've had my licence, I dont usually drive anywhere where theres speed cameras and I get into a habit of driving 5km/hr over the speed limit EVERYWHERE. So in a 50 zone.. i would drive at 55.. on a 60 zone i would go 65. etc

    I got a new job a month ago and I drive past 2 speed cameras on the way there and 2 cameras on the way home.

    Anyway.. now I seriously cant remember whether I was under the limit for all those 4 camera zones I've been driving to and from work. Many times, I made sure I was under. Many times .. I would forget until i'm passed it and I have no idea whether i went under or if i did my usual 5ks over the limit.

    So heres the scary part...

    I did some math. usually the fine arrivees at your mail 3 to 4 weeks right?
    So the worst case scenario would be
    4 weeks = 20 work days.
    "20 work days" x "4 cameras" = 80 cameras
    80 cameras x $80(speeding fine for going <15km/h over) =

    $6400 !!!!!!!

    So now I could be expecting anywhere up to $6400 worth of fines!!
    any I coud lose my licence and my job( I need to drive there)!!!

    Am I being paranoid or what. $6400 is a shitload of money since I make only $17/hr. Thats like 2 1/2 months worth of work after tax!

    Is there a way of finding out whether I have any fines from the last month immediately? cause i'm losing sleep over this.
  2. :shock:
    Let's hope for your sake your ARE being paranoid
  3. Mate, I hope you haven't copped any/all those fines. This is the heaps great part about having greed cameras.

    It might be worth GPS calibrating your speedo. You might find that it's 2-3kms out at 50km/hr, thus you should be fine(no pun intended).

    Either way I like to have my speedo calibrated, that way I know how far I can push it before it's going to cost.
  4. Speedos are usually about 3kmh off at 60kmh, so assuming you were doing a 65 indicated you were probably doing about 62 real speed - which no one is going to fine you over without looking like a total asshat.

    If you're drifting off and can't recall parts of the journey, you aren't paying enough attention.
  5. you should be fine. thank god we aren't in Victoria, where i believe if you are 1km/h over you get a fine. plus the bad weather. plus VFL as your major sport.

    but i digress. on the plus side, parking is not problem :p
  6. So, you drive past heavily signposted speed cameras, and you don't consciously make the effort to keep your speed below the posted limit?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Usually there needs to be a flash to capture your number plate especially during winter regardless of it being night or day however I wouldn't count on it. Have you ever seen the flash? They are usually pretty hard not to notice.
  8. +1

  9. I do make an effort and many times(probably most times) ..i do go under...and if i was over.. it would only be by 5kmh because thats tha max i overspeed anywhere at all.

    but i think somewhere in teh back of my mind...I was thinking that going over by 5kmh was okay. so i keep thinking that maybe.. i did go over the limit while driving past those speed cameras.

    It was only on friday when i started to worry... that it made me think about whether i;ve been going over or not. i kept think about it and cant stop thinking about it and the more i think about it.. the more and more i worry.
    Its like i'm trying to recall every instance that i drove through those speed cameras and i'm starting to make things up in my head that i was over the limit every time i drove past it even though i wasnt.

    :( :?
  10. Sorry about your predicament, I do hope you don't get all those fines, but I must say I simply cracked up laughing when I read your calculations... can you imagine, the mail man stop in front of your place... parks, walks up and dumps a santa-bag full of fines on your doorstep :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but, you never know, what if your speedo is actually reading lower than it is... then your stuffed...

    You can go to the rta website I think and call up your points score... haven't been there recently to see if it still happens..

    good luck... I'd slow down for the cameras by the way, you don't look down a gun barrel knowing it's loaded do you?? :?
  11. The other sole good reason for living where I live (1 is the money) is the lack of speed enforcement. No camera's, legal to own and operate radar detectors, and the fact that the police struggle get officers to come up here is excellent. And you know what? The road toll is no higher or lower than anywhere else.
  12. wouldn't you notice the flashes going off every time? i know everytime i've been flashed personally or seen someone been flashed my reaction is immediately :shock:
  13. I ride/drive through speed cameras at 5km over the limit all the time - as others have said manufacturers make speedos which read faster than you are actually going - so if you're reading 65km/hr you are probably doing more like 61/62km/hr. You are probably not going to get fined for anything under 65km/hr in a 60 zone.

    But then you sue the manufacturer for selling you an 'unsafe' bike which is not fit for purpose.

    basically, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Graham :)
  14. A little birdie tells me that speed cameras in NSW are set with a tolerance of 10% plus 1. i.e. 67 in the 60 zone etc :-w
  15. As far as I'm aware, all of the new cameras in NSW are infrared, so you see no flash, day or night.

    That's why the first thing that 13,500 [yes, 13,500 :shock: ] people knew of their speeding fines in the Lane Cove Tunnel [in first three months] was when they got their letters. :evil:
  16. 5kph over the limit everywhere?!?!?!? People like you need to be taken off the road ASAP. You're a menace to society and a danger to everyone around you. God dammit!!! Haven't you heard that speed kills? :LOL:

    Seriously though. You've got nothing to worry about. Most speedo's are out by 5%. Manufacturers do this intentially. I saw a test on it somewhere and the closest to a proper reading was the Porsche, it was 1% out.

    Does this mean you'll be driving everywhere 5kph + 5% over?
  17. you are screwed, for sure.
  18. you're all heart joel!
  19. thnx for all the response .

    anyway, for those who have received fines from speed cameras... how long after did you get the fine in the mail?

  20. you shouldn't be able to be fined for the same offense twice. ie if there are 100 speed cameras on a road and you do +10 through all of them, it is still 1 offense even though you get 100 fines.

    If this ever does happen to you, speak to your lawyer!