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NSW speeding fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Andus91, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. I got caught going 130 in a 110 zone, i have to say i wasnt hooning on purpose, it was quite heavy trafic so everyone was getting angry so i was keeping up then decided to overtake.
    i only have my learner car and learner rider liscence.
    its been about two weeks and i still havent recived a letter about the liscence suspension because he didnt take my lsicence off me when i got pulled over beacuse he said he did have the neccecary paperwork on him.

    So will i loose my car liscence too? And what about the demerit points? it says 6 months loss and 6 demetits.. so after 6 months can i go for my rider p's, or do i have to wait untill the negative points have built up? the rta website has no info at all really.

    also when i checked on the rta my demerit points, it still said i had my two liscences, and nothing about that i havent lost it.. or doesnt it display it? or is it because i havent paid the fine yet?

  2. u say u have a learners license and u did $1.30 in a $1.10 zone, that means u did 50kph over the limit, your lucky your not in court..

    learners legal speed is 80kph in NSW
  3. yeah i have beaten myself up heaps about it. dumbest decision ive made so far i would have to say
  4. You'll receive notification, sometimes it takes several weeks, especially if it is not just a regular licence speeding.
    I doubt you will lose car lience unless you already have less than six points, otherwise you will be riding in Volvos, Scanias and Mercs for a while..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Bad news I'm afraid Andus.

    Car licence, bike licence. Truck licence. All the same licence in NSW. You lose one, you lose them all. :? :cry:
  6. it wont show up on the RTA website, until you have paid the fine.
    paying the fine, is in effect, admission of guilt.
    suspensions are mandatory, dont bother taking it to court, they tell you the suspension is mandatory and then slug you with court costs on top of your fine. the other thing with taking it to court, is that they cancel your licence rather than suspend it. so if it'sa 5 year licence, and you just paid for it, you forfeit the balance.
    been there, done that.
  7. In this case, correct.
    But in the situation where you have a full bike licence and a P car license, it is possible to lose the car license and keep the bike. Bike has 12 points, car has 4 or 7 (son has full bike and red P car atm)
  8. ah dahm. so since im on my l's on both, i have no demerit points.
    i pay the fine, get a suspension for 6 months, then 2 months later can i go for my p's? (stupidly enough ive only had my liscence for a month, but have been riding for a while) or do i have negative points?
    cheers, andrew
  9. No, you do six months, and probably have to resit theory of L plates, then back onto L's and square one.
    Unless they've changed it from back in my day.
    Sucks, but lesson learnt.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. i was booked doing 118 down a motorway last year, riding on my L plates.
    to my knowledge, you will cop a three month suspension for riding and driving, and these three months will not count towards your minimum requirements for getting your Ps.

    it will take a while for it to go through the system, up to three months, so if you're elegible to take your Ps rider test in that period i advise you to do it, otherwise your learner licence will expire and you will have to resit the learner test, which by the time your suspension will finish will be in summer, when everyone wants to book in for their test.

    welcome to NSW Police.
    at least vets have the common courtesy to put your dog under general anaesthetic before taking his balls. you, sadly, will have to be awake during the procedure when they take yours

    best of luck.
  11. I'd be more worried about the $1600 fine on the way for 45 over :cry:
  12. ah ok thanks for your info, so i got my l's about a month ago, but i dont think i will be able to get the p's test in time. so once my 6 month suspension is over i will only have 7 months on my liscence.. does that mean i can still go and get my p's after? or dp i loose my l's completly. cos that would be a piss off doing the learner coarse again.
  13. f'ken oath you'll lose 'em, and have to sit the testing procedures again!!
    you obviously didnt learn very well to get them!!