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[NSW] Speeding Fine & Clarification on Mobile Radar Read

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Master Shake, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Cheers guys, I think all the issues were fairly comprehensively covered

  2. if its one of the radars that sit on the drivers side roof of the patrol car, they are reasonably accurate.

    They take into account the patrol car speed against what is comming the other way.

    As for the "Policemans Experience" I've been done like that, never took it to court as I know I was in the wrong and his Expert Guess was way off!!!

    So I just took the fine, but if you are certain you were not speeding, then take it to court and request the last 3 calibration tests for that piece of equipment.
  3. Well thats the thing, i'm not 100% certain so I guess its not worth the potential court costs seeing as the penalty notice is only for $81

    Thanks very much for your feedback, I appreciate the response.

    Do you happen to know if a license disqualification like this will adversely affect my insurance premiums?

  4. well, if you lose your licence over it, then it will affect it a little. I lost my licence in 07 for 3 months (Car licence) lost all my points. Took teh suspention over 1 point for 12 months.

    I applied for QBE Comprehensive insurance in December 08 and it cost me $350ish + i'm 28...

    Hope that helps. Otherwise call ur insurance company and see what they say.
  5. Different state and all but here in Victoria, the in-sewer-ants companies are starting to ignore minor traffic offences because there is a camera on every second light post, every third bridge, every fourth car parked on the side of the road is a camera.

    What a shit State this is for driving. Thanks Bracks ya fcuken tossbag!!!!!!!

    Just straying marginally off topic, today I see a HWP vehicle doing what I would guestimate at over 100km/h in a 60 zone chasing down someone that had done something wrong.

    I don't give two and a half shits how much training they have had, it's still a 60 zone. Try telling the parents of a dead toddler that the officer was justified in doing ludicrous speeds along a 60 zone to intercept someone.

    Did I mentions how fcuked up this State of ours is??? :mad:

  6. Just got back from a 2 week work trip in Melbourne and Morwell... It does suck. You be come more paranoid about watching your speed than where your going.

    Or is that just me :(
  7. Won't affect your premium; there's just an additional excess if a driver with a suspension on record in the last 5 years makes a claim.
  8. Moving mode radar while moving is +-3km/h, while stationary +-2km/h.

    If there was another moving vehicle in the radar zone, you have a case for possible doubt. MMR returns the largest reflection.
  9. suck it up and go overseas. this wont make two shits to your premium. i've had 1 crash, 1 claim (from it), and 1 suspension for speeding, im 21, male. my insurance has barely gone up amazingly.

    actually i just think AAMI have monkeys with a powerball cage, whatever numbers they select is what you pay for premium. it makes no sense i swear...
  10. You were speeding, and you admitted it here.
    You stated you slowed down when spotting the car and the officers story corroborates yours.

    I believe in many instances the primary evidence is the officers trained opinion, supplemented by the speed reading. So your scrwed.

    Now if you came on here saying you were barely crawling and got pinged from 400m away and honestly dont think it was your vehicle picked up I suppose somebody would give a damn.

    As it is, it probably will affect your premium, as it's not just a speeding fine it' a licence suspension.

    Pity :(
  11. He lured you and you got done. "my own personal experience" being the bogey, Mavrick.....

    As for the premium, why dont you do a bloody quote online and tick the "yes ive been suspended etc in the last 3-5 years"???

  12. It's something of a moot point but I think any reasonable persons first reaction to seeing a cop car is to slow down, irrespective of whether they're speeding or not. Even when i'm completely innocent I feel intimidated into driving like an old lady. As such, I see nothing wrong with this comment.

    Anyway he showed me the radar reading prior to his comment about his policemans intuition regarding my speed. To be honest, it's really not a big deal; I was mostly curious about the accuracy of such devices.

    Assumption is the mother of all fcuk ups as they say. I appreciate the other constructive comments all the same.

    And the online premiums quotes wouldnt be an accurate reflection of my circumstances because i'm covered under a group cover program. I was looking more for anyone with a relatable experience

    Cheers everyone, i think this thread has run its course
  13. Cool, so how about NOT deleting your first post then? How are other people supposed to know what the thread was about if they are researching a particular topic :? Sheesh!
  14. ^^^
  15. went in a school zone at the normal speed outside of school hours which was 70 and ended up getting a suspension instantly. I had a gold license with no points and thought it was still school holidays and anyways didnt have a watch on me, i thought i was doing the legal limit, didnt see any kids around, it was 9:30 so my guess is they were all tucked away in the classroom already. and to top it off he said my speed was 71kph putting me in the over 30kph which is classed as a serious crime. Anyway dont bother fighting it the judge told me its a crime to drive without a watch and not know when holidays are ( which has to be set to the atomic GMT) officers time was just before 930, if you dont know any beter you got to do 40
    i payed the massive fine and did the time (more than people get for deadly weapon or drug possession) and now when i ride drive passed a school zone my eyes are fixed to the speedo not the kids that might jump out in front of me, and to top it off hundreds of assholes fly up my ass of overtake me and they get away with it, looks like the rta made things more dangerous but get rewarded time to time with fines.