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[NSW] Speeding Fine - Chased by Cop!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by KungFu Jesus, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I was doing the speed limit, cop car charges towards me from quite a distance away and tailgates me. I sped up to prevent being run down and he turns on his red/blue lights (mind you, this was at night so it's harder to see that it is a cop car). I pull over, he comes over looks at the bike and asks "have you had any trouble with the police lately?" I said that this is my first ever. He doesn't even ask for my license, so I do because I'm late for work now. Hand it over and wait a few minutes, he comes back and tells me that the fine will be in the mail.

    The guy seemed a little unusual since he was looking at the bike and not me (and my bike is nothing fancy at all) or probably just looking to get one last fine in before the night's over.

    Anyway, what I'd like to know is if cops are allowed to "force" people into speeding similarly to how I did (I know I'm still at fault) and whether or not getting a fine in the mail is unusual?
  2. Probably worth fighting I'd say.
  3. You're in NSW. It's standard police practice up there. Get used to it. Have heard lots of complaints of overly close tailgating by police to get people to speed up so they can write out a ticket.

    Learn from it.
  4. Had that happened to me, some cops can be real a-heads. Lucky that I had seen a cop car roaming around a few moments before, so I pulled over to wave him through instead of opening up the throttle. Ask a lawyer and see whether it's worth fighting (ie you opened up a wider gap for your safety as the car behind was too close, didn't realise that you went over the speed limit to do so etc etc).
  5. I have never, and will never let a vehicle behind me determine the speed I ride/drive at.

    That said, dunno how you'll go getting off the speeding fine - but when it does arrive, you can put in a complaint about the issuing officer's driving and conduct.
  6. Pay up and kick yourself in the ballz for getting sucked in.
    Do you honestly believe you can stand up in court or even write a plea letter stating you had no other option other than to speed up?:shock:
    My last fine (a couple of months ago) came in the mail after Mr Plod said it would.
  7. Thats a fcuked up lowlife act of entrapment :evil:
    No wonder some cops are looked upon as nothing but dogs.

    Not sure what I'd have done in your situation ..Perhaps tapping the brake & giving them the birdie ?
  8. That has happened to me a number of time,as recent as last week.He was in a xr6 turbo red in coulor.as this car came from nowere i was onto him and proceeded to back of to 50ks,still on my ass so i backed of to 40 ks before changing lanes and givivng him a lovely smile and a little wave :p
  9. I'd state that a car made a dangerous and intimidating maneuver that made you pay attention to their our position as a matter of safety in precedence to your speed. I'd make a particular point that I honestly feared being knocked over.

    I'd also complain that as a police officer they should know better than to perform such dangerous acts when there is a chance that it may cause a rider to freak out and take evasive action that would most likely end in an accident and injury to the rider.

    I'd see if they can explain why they need to rush at you to secure a ticket and why they couldn't approach at a reasonable speed, and also where they were taught to use such a tactic. I'll guarantee its not in the standard hwy patrol guidelines.
  10. After re-reading the OP, it sounds like he may have thought the bike was stolen or something.

    I would have asked why i was pulled over and probably not gotten out my license until I was given a plausible response.

    you were speeding (ask about radar reading, etc)
    rego check (fair enough)
    possible defect (ask, etc)
  11. So if you saw something come screaming up behind you and theres no room either side what are you going to do...?
  12. I agree with Ktulu but please explain your scenario and where it may apply :?
  13. Cops have tailgated me before. Also for a significant period of time hoping that i'd go even faster or do something else because they generally pull me over when i start slowing down. Twice this has happened and unfortunately due to circumstances i didn't know they were police.

    Another time i was pulled over and given a verbal lesson by a cop who said he'd be sending the fine in the mail......it never came. Nice guy think he just wanted to get the message through.
  14. Well so do I generally, but there could be some occasion where I dunno you're in the middle lane of 3 with something in both the other two and you happen to see somone come flying up behind you not looking at the road playing with the stereo etc.

    Rare but it could happen, but in that case i know id rather "let the vehicle behind me dictate my speed" instead of end up sliding down the road!
  15. I hear what you're saying: if it was a truck blaring it's horn such that I might assume it is without brakes - I'll speed up.

    But seeing as I generally speed a little bit anyway - the chances of someone gaining on me at a rate of knots while NOT paying any attention is sod all.
    They can match me or overtake.

    --[for the record, I prefer to be the one gaining on and overtaking people, rather than the other way around. Prefer to control what's in front of me, rather than try to manage what's happening behind]--
  16. Im the same, I tend to sit 2-5 kph over the flow of traffic for the same reasons!!
  17. And the cop will just say that their speed was proportionate to the speed of the vehicle they were trying to catch up to, and that they had to get close because the number plate on a motorbike is so small. ( They are... see how close you have to get up to the back of a Motorcycle in comparison to a car to read the plate) and then when the complaint is found to have been proven unsubstantiated, the cop in question will sue for a small amount because now he has a permanent mark on his record even though it says that he was in the right. Is it worth it for pay back? :shock:
  18. Exactly my thoughts. Cop performs an intimidating act on purpose to goose a response from the rider yet the act itself is dangerous. However, doubtful you'll be able to beat that in a court.
  19. similar situation a few weeks ago, split second decision between nailing it to get him off my bumper... just thought 'stuff it, he can wait, and i saw 5ks below the speed limit the whole way home, pulled me over 1 street from my house'

    was a decent enough guy and didn't give me any hassles just a breath test but i was not impressed with the tailgating, its usually the trick of the idiot P platers trying to be rally drivers
  20. You'll know better next time then won't you. "Forced" to speed. Give me a break!

    I have had three occasions exactly the same as yours where a car that turned out to be an unmarked cop was suddenly right up my clacker but I maintained my speed at the limit and guess what - on all three occasions after a minute or two they slowed down and buggered off. Because I had shown that I wasn't prone to speeding.

    It was your right wrist that got you the fine. Take control of your behaviour on the road and let the idiots, be they other riders, cagers or cops pressing-to-test, be on their way.