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[NSW] Speed, Police vehicle travelling opposite direction

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by junglist, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Gave it a squirt exiting a roundabout to get past an annoying ute with grit flying out the back this morning. Backed off to the limit and then noticed a hwy patrol car heading the opposite direction, across a median strip, which had some thin trees spaced about 1m apart in a row along it.

    I didnt get pulled over.

    I guess my question is in 2 parts.

    - Is it likely that they would have accuratly obtained the speed i was going?

    - Is it possible that if i was speeding that i'd get a ticket in the mail, given that i wasn't pulled over.
  2. Not likely - patrol cars usually pull you over if they can. Besides which, they would have a devil of a time getting your rego in the mirror, at speed. I've never heard of a patrol car using cameras alone (edit: in Victoria, that is - may be different in NSW).
    They may not have had the radar on at the time, either. Or they could have just been cool guys :p
  3. Agreed. Even if he did have his radar or camera on, without a front numberplate, how is he going to identify you?

    {Which is why the 'no front number plates' campaign is so important}
  4. ^^ these replys make me feel a little better. ;) thanks.
  5. I was driving, slightly above the speed limit and a patrol car went past. He flashed his lights at me and kept going, never heard anything else about it. I'd say unless you get pulled over, you're probably ok.
  6. The last time that happened to me was in the car, and I didn't know if he was going to turn around and pursue or not.

    So I flattened it and hooned my way to a U-turn bay, doubled back then exited the freeway and hid at a lookout for 20 minutes.

    Sure gets the blood pumping.
  7. No No :) The no front number plate campaign is important because they would be dangerous to pedestrians in low speed encounters. Would impede air flow into engines, would cost the riding public unfairly for little gain and ... :angel:
  8. Its amazing what irrational thoughts/decisions occur when your adrenaline levels jump.
  9. had that many a time, most recent 2 weeks ago, in the new ute, just finished overtaking and had pulled back in and letting the speed drop, marked car coming the other way and obviously the driver was a tad upset at me, he flashed his lights, pointed at me and yelled something. I gave a friendly wave and kept on going.

    for those that drive near Cooma, it was the blue SS.
  10. +1

    I've tried hiding myself and the bike behind a tiny little plant (mr bean style) last time I was high on adrenaline from throttling out of a corner and seeing the hwypc right there, going the other way.
  11. who cares.
    if they are moving the other way, they cant obtain an accurate speed measurement, so you're fine unless you're going at an obscene(ly fun :p) speed. then if they somehow managed to get your plates, u might get done for dangerous/reckless driving etc, and opinionative fine, not a definitive fine.

    as far as im aware they have to be stationary for radar/lidar to be accurate, and the only other method of detection a vehicle will use is MED - maintain even distance. thus they must be following you.

    ...but hey, hiding in bushes is fun :grin:
  12. Sorry to be blunt, but that is absolute frog shite. :roll:
  13. Yeah, cops have the discretion to guestimate your speed and issue you a fine accordingly. If you want to challenge it, you're going to have to convince the magistrate that either (a) the cop was unable to accurately guestimate (hahaha) your speed in the situation (in which case the cop will say "looked like he was doing 20 over, so I fined him for 10 over"), or (b) the cop is lying (your word against his, you'll lose unless you hold a public office).

    Nah mate, they generally like to pull you over as titus and hornet600 said, so that they can confirm who was speeding. Otherwise you can do a Marcus Einfeld and say someone else was riding, and then that person can say you were riding, and bounce the fine back and forth until the cops give up.

  14. the funny thing about doppler principles is that they work both ways. Otherwise no vehicle or aircraft mounted radar would work.

    Lidar isn't used on a moving vehicle because of tracking issues with a tight beam.

    The only problem you'll get is angular offset, but that works in your favour because the cosine of your speed is always smaller than your real speed.

    how does this work with owner onus laws in all states except WA (check)??
  15. Not only that, the car's rigged with traffic radar.

  16. may have been a handheld unit being used inside the car rather than a pucker vehicle mounted unit. Or the copper doesn't know anything about the equipment he is using.

  17. alternatively
    "The narrowness of this light beam gives rise to the label ‘speed gun’, because it must be aimed at the vehicle by the operator"

    "How was the gun held, Laser guns cannot be mounted in a moving vehicle, because just a minor jolt will cause the reading to be inaccurate. Therefore, Lasers must be mounted and used from a stationary vehicle or on a tripod. Holding by hand is not as good "

    obviously not definitive sources, however the technical merits of laser make them hard to vehicle mount for general traffic duties.
  18. Or I could be encountering early onset of alzheimers.

    Did a googley search and couldn't find any references of LIDAR being fitted to NSW police vehicles, so it must have been mobile radar.

    At the end of the day, as rourkster (and you) said, doppler speed detection works just fine in both directions.
  19. :grin: