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NSW NSW speed cameras 500m range and can catch mobile use

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/spotting-stupid-drivers-at-500m/story-e6freuy9-1226262316292

  2. I wonder if it can be configured to detect wheelie's and stoppie's, perhaps even filtering.
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    Cool! Pictorial evidence!

    I'm my experience that's a waste of time and money, a cops word is far heavier than your own. Last year I got done from 439m doing 76 in a 60 across a dual carriage lane between traffic AND through an intersection. It was with the laser guns they have now (QLD). Unbelievable.

    All I did was blip my throttle to go around a couple retards that were banking up and slowing down in the left hand lane. Slowed right back down to 60 moments later.

    Edit: he literally pinned me from beyond an intersection and between several moving cars that were adjacent in a lane while I was that far away.
  4. Agree, better to be done for something i am actually guilty of.
  5. Big brother is watching.. you don't know where... you don't know when..
  6. NSW is slowly coming into alignment with Victoria. Bastards.
  7. So can the camera distinguish between a driver scratching their ear and one using the phone?
  8. If they are good enough to catch dopes on mobile phones inside the car, mucking around with their phones instead of watching out for us, I'm all for it.
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  9. Recently I came upon a cop sitting in a car Lazering up the Walker st entrance to The Gore Hill expressway,he must have been 300 mitres from his targets passing up the hill off The Harbour Bridge and completely invisible to his targets.Thats from behind so no phone or seat belt.What next spy satellites
  10. A cop once told me that with a clear line of sight, his speed camera (not sure what technology it was based on) was effective up to 1km away.
  11. Rats, my steyr elite rifle is only effective to 800m, guess itll see me setting up to take it out.
  12. We just need to take vigilante action against the cameras. I honestly feel that its time we started to fight back against these cameras, spray painting the lenses, cutting them down, setting them on fire,

    Honestly the amount of bullshit that the cops have been pulling in recent years, the stupid pigs deserve everything they get when the citizens eventually rise up against them.

    However this will never happen as Australians are lazy and dont give two shits about anything, and i am just a keyboard warrior.
  13. Seen them there, be careful giving it the beans when coming out of the Hbr tunnel
  14. Same article was in todays Herald Sun in Victoria with similar VicPol quotes.
  15. Prob is now that most people are'nt TALKING on their phones, they are fiddling around with their FB updates while looking DOWN! How are they going to police that?
    Good tech but a few years too late methinls!
  16. Good. More ability to catch f uckwit drivers. If you are doing nothing wrong, then I don't see the problem.
  17. Mate of mine got pinged today by a cop hiding in tall grass, on top of a hill, at the end of a looong straight that I recon would have been about a KM away. He had a pretty good line of site though. SO yeah, by the time you see them it's a bit late.
  18. Agreed. I dunno why kids don't vandalize these things instead of trains, walls, fences, etc. I wouldn't be so against graffiti if they did!

    Anyway, catching people on mobiles is a good idea but what about those leaning or scratching their ear as one poster said?? I'll be happy when there are camera's that detect people eating, changing CD's, and playing Snoop Dawg at 300Db's!!
  19. well said for being the 100% truth CFVR
  20. Careful using the 'if you are doing nothing wrong...' comment on NR. The last time I saw it used the poster was berated to an inch of their life with comments like 'then you won't have any problem letting the police into your house to search and find those burnt DVDs'

    Was quite amusing watching the conspiracy theorists go nuts.

    Anyway this technology is already being used in Europe so I reckon only a matter of time before it ends up here