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(NSW) Speed Camera policy caught out - like they care!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Interesting with the new Cross-City Tunnel that speed cameras were installed before it was even opened. Yet the RTA/governement claims they only target known black spots in the interest of slowing people down. So are they saying they expect the tunnel to be a blackspot? If so, then who screwed up the design? Guess they got caught out this time.

    Do they care? Of course not. The answer to this was that they are there to improve safety! Between speed cameras and ridiculous tolls, instead of Cross City Tunnel it should be called the Cross City Funnel. Funneling funds directly into government/corporate coffers.
  2. I think that there is enough evidence around now that proves that speed cameras do not stop accidents and there has been considerable press lately that they actually cause more problems than they rectify. I personally can't see why in the domain tunnel here in Vic that the speed limit is 80kmph. It's a three lane freeway through a tunnel, why shouldn't the traffic travel at 100kmph?
  3. ....probably because it dumps people out onto a four lane 60kph street, but you make a valid point anyway!!!
    The criminal thing about our cross-city tunnel is that roads in the area are being closed off permanently so people will be FORCED to us the tunnel, pay the toll, and risk the (unnecesary) speed cameras!
  4. They would argue that a new tunnell presents motorists with a new situation and new risks, so therefore they must be slowed down. Great logic; present people with an unfamiliar road situation in a tunnell, and make them put #1 priority on watching their speedo so they don't get booked - totally contradicting their safety claims. Given the vast majority of accidents happen below the posted limit anyway, taking people's focus away from the road is always a very bad idea.
  5. I am getting really tired of the 'safety' excuse that is often bandied around with regards to speed cameras.
    Playboy posters - now there's something that would slow around 50% of the traffic. A poster on 'Home Living' should get the rest.

    How can they possible explain the above cameras as anything other than a revenue raiser?
  6. The galling thing about the Cross-city Tunnel is that it is being marketed and promoted by the NSW Government in paid radio adverts as a QUICKER means of getting across the city. What does quicker mean? Going faster! So, promote going faster and then penalise people when they do, unbelievable!
  7. in this case quicker doesn't mean faster speed - just a straighter line, less traffic lights, less junctions etc.

    The cameras can easily be justified if they want by pointing to what has happened elsewhere in confined spaces where you can't park a cop car - a few people abuse it and the pollies all get their panties in a bunch.

    Crikey, we still have a law that says all fixed cameras must be announced at least 3 times before you get to them - if you speed and get caught by one, you get nothing but a grin from me!
  8. Mobile speed cameras or fixed speed cameras, it doesn't matter as they're all the same. The debate isn't about the type of camera being used, it is about the claims that they are being used for safety reasons when they aren't.
  9. OK nearly, I'm going to be the one to ask; what's with the Winnebago in your avatar???
  10. It is a Winnebago.

    An Apollo Eurocruiser, to be more precise. 4-berth, based on a Transit chassis.
    Diesel turbo with A/C, shower, toilet, Gas stove, TV, 12/240V fridge/freezer, 100 litre water tank, AM/FM radio/CD player...

    ... hang on don't go, I've lots more facts here.

    hello... anybody there...?
  11. I thought they were a "whingeabago", 'cause that what everyone who has one does about them.
  12. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Good one!
  13. ? I think there's a difference. Fixed speed cameras are there to control the traffic speed at particular points, and hence the claims for safety. Mobile cameras, on the other hand, are used for law enforcement. It wouldn't make much sense to have a speed limit of 50 if they don't intend to enforce it, no?

    Anyway I don't have anything against either of them. I think it's quite fair that they enforce the speed limits. Perhaps low speeds don't help in creating less accidents, but i'm almost sure they'd result in less fatal or high injury accirdents. So I guess the police are right in that sense.

    After all, like bonox mentioned, it must be announced 3 times before you get to it. Chumps who still get caught out really deserve it; i think most would agree if I say they'r not paying attention when they're driving/riding!
  14. And they have been proven to cause more accidents than they prevent. Given the authorities are quick to take steps if a few accidents occur, if they cared about safety, they would turn them all off until safety issues could be addressed. But the cash they make is already in the budget.
    Not when the zone has been 80 for the last 20 years, with negligable accident rates, and all of a sudden are lowered at the behest of a politician. Law enforcement officers shouldn't need a laser gun to determine if a road behaviour is unsafe, it is usually obvious. Doing 60 in a 50 zone is not always unsafe, so many factors need to be assessed. How many times have you noticed the similarities between two roads, only to have different speed limits? Road safety is a soft science, yet is enforced harshly.
    You'd think that wouldn't you? It seems that everyone seems to get the same impression, because we are bluffed into beleiving that harsh enforcement and low limits save lives. Does it? Speed cameras were introduced after the road toll had declined to record lows. When the stats came out, the pollies claimed the speed cameras had reduced the limit. Not true.
    I agree with that - If you get caught, don't whinge. But for gods sake don't lie down and accept the garbage they are feeding you. Speed cameras are not just. They do not save lives. They rob citizens with no relevance to safety. They are however, easy to install, and make more money than a bistro full of pokies - and when the road toll goes down one christmas, sing their praises. When it skyrockets the next, tell us we need more cameras. People in the UK are fed up with oodles of cameras and rising road tolls, and their is a fair chance that someone will pay at the ballot box. When will we see through the haze and do the same?
  15. Hi all,
    Don't speed camera's only go off if you are speeding?
  16. Hmmmm

    E13? You're trolling a long way from home, eh?
  17. Yes, that is true. It is also correspondingly true that if you don't wish to set off a speed camera by exceeding the speed limit by more than 5kph, then one must constantly monitor their speedometer by taking their eyes off the road at least once every 15 seconds for about a second to notice the speed you're travelling at, and then focus on making a speed adjustment, and then hope that the driver travelling behind you is also paying attention by not looking at his speedo at the same time before ramming the back of your car.

    If you can tell me that drivers being constantly distracted by having to take their eyes off the road will lead to less accidents when it's already been shown that over 97% of accidents occur at or below the posted speed limit, and quite often it is due to driver distraction, then yes, we should put speed cameras absolutely everywhere and get drivers to spend even more time focusing on their speedos rather than the road and conditions on the road.
  18. Then lower the speed limit I say, and bring back the man with the red flag walking in front, and NO reasonable person needs to travel faster than walking pace, and what exactly was wrong with horses anyway?
  19. The criteria has always been blackspots and hazardous locations like tunnels.

    Their reasoning is that crashes in long tunnels usually result in 100 cars catching fire and everyone dieing from smoke inhalation and sufocation.
    Theres no way to escape if theres a fire, especially with the hopeless ventilation in Sydneys tunnels, you almost sufocate from the heat and fumes on a bike, how far do you think you would be able to run in there?

    I will stay on the surface thankyou, holes are for worms.
  20. This is no different than when the Government predicts (and budgets for) increases in speed camera revenue despite spending large sums on advertising supposedly aimed at encouraging drivers to slow down. If speed camera revenue is increasing then clearly the ads don't work so perhaps they should look at spending the money elsewhere.