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NSW NSW speed camera numbers set to soar

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bobcat, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. From the article:

  2. Will this mean more Government revenue? Yes.

    Will this mean that people might be a bit more careful about their speed? Yes.

    Will it mean that idiots who drive/ride drink or drug-effected, without a licence or suspended, in or on vehicles which are unroadworthy/uninsured/unregistered, will change their behaviour one iota? Of course not.

    As with the gun laws the real villains will go unpunished while law-abiding citizens will be inconvenienced at least and punished at worst.....
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  3. I agree. On the cruiser I have to look down to see my speedo and this camera plague will literally be a pain in the neck.

    However it is refreshing to see the government [pretend to] be transparent about the process.
  4. As long as they keep them sign posted I'm fine with it. The real danger on the road are people who aren't looking properly and these are the ones who will get pinged by sign posted cameras.

    There was this one the other day:
    I actually think people in other states need to be using these articles to press for the end of hidden speed cameras in their states. We have it pretty good in NSW.
  5. agreed! as long as they're not hidden and obvious on the road, it certainly helps me slow down and deter others too

    but like it's been said before, it's just revenue raising with a seemingly legit excuse
  6. Governments spend money, they need revenue. If more of that revenue comes from people unable to see a sign which is bigger and brighter than a motorcyclist instead of me, then good on them.

    Mind you the day I do get caught by a speed camera I will still biatch and moan about it.
  7. A report by professional spin doctors who have been hired with a specific agenda - how credible. ](*,)

    And they want to adopt the Victorian strategy for reducing the road toll. Because THAT worked so well last year... ](*,)
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  8. yeah, that was my thought too.
  9. While it's disappointing, it's not a surprise.
  10. The test of credibility will be whether they release the raw data so other people can check their work.
  11. Fixed sign posted speed cameras reduce speeding? I'd believe that... and I don't have a problem with the sign posted ones.

    It's the mobile and unsigned ones that are designed as revenue raising devices first and foremost.
  12. Shouldn't we be asking for results rather than spending from government?
  13. Don't get me wrong, this latest NSW government is the most corrupt sack of scum bag assholes to ever walk the earth and have managed in the space of a year to fuck a lot of things up. But I'm sure they would have fucked even more things up if they had less money.

    Results would be nice but currently I just hope they refrain from crapping anything else up til they get booted out.
  14. It amazes me that no one seems to care about getting any value whatsoever from the largest area of GDP expense in this country, government. ](*,)](*,)](*,) Would anyone just happily flush over 30% of their household budget? Would they spend it on any old crap because it is there, with no thought to value at all? Well it turns out we don't care at all.
  15. fortunately in NSW the mobile revenue cameras are 'sign posted'.
  16. Yeah but only about 20m away. By that time they have already got you. I guess the saving grace of a motorcycle is that you can stop before the van and turn around. No number plate on the front means no hope in hell of knowing who you are.

    Every time i read one of these articles it makes me want to leave this beautiful country and find somewhere less corrupt.
  17. I believe the signage has to be a minimum of 50m away, although I do recall reading somewhere that they've changed it to 100m.
  18. changed to 250

    From op: "Mobile speed cameras will also become more identifiable, with better markings on the cars themselves and advanced signage now 250m before the camera (currently the signage is just 50m ahead)."
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  19. I wish Victoria would signpost their speed cameras....but then they'd lose half their revenue.
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