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[NSW] Spanner Day!!, Sat Jan 5th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: bluestorm03

    Ok Guys and gals, after seeing the reaction on the EOI and talking to a lot of you i have decided to hold this event on sunday the 6/1/08. I Reckon we kick off about 9.30/10.00 till whenever, on the day we will cover routine maintenance etc maybe some ...

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  2. Excellent - I'll be there.

    Think I can find you ok :p :p
  3. Oh goodie we get to tear down the Kwaka and then watch Kim rebuild it and come up with a washing machine... :p hehehehe
  4. Hi Oldman

    Mr Magoo and I will there there,
    I'll get some twisties practise in while riding there :p
    If you need anything just sing out. :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  5. Bugga Lou now ill have to hide Baaabaaarah my pet sheep !! lmao :p
  6. Sweet etc. I'll be there etc. I just gotta pm you etc. for your adress etc etc. :rofl:
  7. There is certainly a few nuts need tightening on this forum :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Cool etc!!! :p
  9. I'll be there - will enjoy the ride.
  10. Make sure you have enough fuel mate, wouldnt want you to run out on such a long run :LOL:
  11. Bugger, bugger, :( looks like it might be only me coming out bob, Magoo is back at work then.

    Will let you know closer to the date.

    Cheers Lou
  12. Ahh bugga Lou, but then again magoo can come over anytime he knows that . Plus we have to discuss the painting of the busa passion Pink :LOL: :p
  13. Sounds like a good idea!
    Any idea where this is happening?
  14. Sunday 6/1/08 From round 9.30- 10.00am Till whenever
  15. 'Where' would be at Bobs place near penrith. PM Bluestorm for the details.
  16. OOOPs :oops: Thanx Karl lol
  17. hey there just new to riding and new on here is this spanner day open to anyone interested?
  18. I'll be in this, if there is still space :grin:
  19. I'm a complete newbie and would really love to come learn if it's open to anyone. Am getting my first bike today, so knowing a bit of how to look after it sounds like one of the better plans i've had...

  20. It's open to everyone thats interested in actually looking after their bike :LOL: