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[NSW] Spannah day v.02, Sat Sep 2nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Campbell

    A workshop and tech day will be held in Western Sydney (Penrith) on Sat 2nd Sep.
    Start time is between 0930 and 1000. Please bring your standard issue bike tool kit if you have one, as tools are limited on site.
    Snacks will be provided, and the aim i...

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  2. Once again peoples:
    The weather WILL be a defining factor for this day so I will check the forecast the night before and post go/no go.
    Please PM me Subject: address and I will reply with where it will be held.
    Also let me know if you are offended by the image of scantily clad women next to bikes and I will put MORE posters up in my garage just to really annoy you.
  3. dammit ... i'm gonna miss the scantily clad women pics !!!

    really wanted to come to this one .. but .. i gotta go to wollongong for the weekend to sister-in-laws 40th

    so somebody's gotta organise another one real soon (and before u even suggest it .. i couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery!!)

    hope the day sees good weather for you :)

    cheers :)

    edit: i tried to reply to this earlier but it was locked .. dunno what that
    was about :?
  4. Count me in. I want my carbs balanced. We need androo's magical tool for this.
  5. i'd love to come, but i don't know if i'm up to a drive to penrith with my wrist in plaster still :(
  6. im in pm me pirate
  7. I'm sure someone around your area can pick you (or ur magical tools :p :p) up!
  8. as long as it's in something with doors and a seat belt ;)
  9. this sounds excellent and anyone with a gpx250 i can prolly help as i recently did a valve lash and carb tune, with the help of a mechanic friend
  10. Good news! Sunny and warm for both Saturday and Sunday (In penrith anyway). Looks like this is a go.

    Lunch will be at Hogs Breath at the plaza. The restaurant is in a spot with with good visible parking smack bang in the middle of the Westfield...several quality road bikes will make a nice change from several shitty Hyundais and Civics...be prepared for stares....
  11. By special tool are you guys referring to a vacumn gauge???

    Odds are I'll still be toiling with my beastie but whether she's ready or not I'll pop by for a chat and sticky beak. Nothing will need doing as it should all be finished by this week :)

    See sig for details
  12. I have socket, screwdriver set as well as feeler guages. As well as various liquids such as 'Start ya bastard!' (just in case), DOT4 brake fluid and carby cleaner.

    If Androo can make it out (somehow), or if he is kind enough to lend us his manometer (hahah that sounds sooo 90s channel 7) which I would be happy to pick up on the way then we can cover the basics; oil/oil filter change, carb cleaning and servicing (including carb synchronisation), brake fluid servicing as well as inspecting valve clearance and adjustment (WARNING: some bikes require a specialised tool for this *looks at Kawasaki bike owners*).

    Let me know what you think.
  13. I have an axe and a hair straightener. That seems to get me out of most problems.
    If anyone needs to borrow these for the day you can go to hell.
  14. Do you have the tools needed to do the valves? I might try to do the valves.
  15. Why do you need a hair straightner scrambles! ha ! i might borrow it :) i went to penrith show yesterday , been so sick! vomiting and yes , what does black vomit mean?
  16. Possession. Tough luck dude.
  17. What is that? lol
  18. unfortunately i dont, i did it the harder way which i dont recommend you doing, kawasaki dealer quoted me 74.95 for it but it had to be ordered in from japan and i already had the motor opened. it can still be done without it it just takes longer.
  19. that shouldnt be a problem :)

    not too sure about others, but the zx-9s are fantastic - don't even need the cams removed to change shims :grin: