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[NSW] Sophie Delezio fundraiser & ride, Sat Jul 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 12, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Carl

    I am asking business to help raise funds for Sophie throughout the entire month of June.

    Businesses can exchange funds raised or donations at any Bank for cheques, bank cheques or money orders that are made out to Sophie Delezio.

    Please note tha...

    ... more

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  2. In the calendar is listed as 1st, June.

    In case ya's would like to fix that detail.
  3. Yes sorry for that error

    Fundraising is from June 1st to June 30th

    The ride is 1st July

  4. All,
    Due to the overwhelming interest in this project I have decided it would be best to align this event with The Day of Difference Foundation.

    Sophie’s family have called for support for the foundations as this will maximise benefits for the many children that need help.
    The types of machines that are helping to save Sophie’s life are available to her because of the generosity of others.
    We are asking businesses and groups to raise funds during the month of June and a motorcycle ride event on July 1st involving the Christian motorcycle Club, Ulysses Motorcycle Club, many other clubs and individuals will see riders collect the donations from designated pickup points and ride on to present the funds to the foundation.

    Please note that receipts for donations can be issued on request.

    Please visit www.ride4sophie.com.au
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  6. Just a quick update.
    Things are progressing well. The entire town of Yass is getting behind this event also the town of Port Stephens is gearing up thanks to the efforts of some willing locals.

    I hope to see as many of you on the ride on July 1st as possible and that you keep spreading the word.

    It is important to register as a rider or group of riders on the web as it will help us to plan the event, just name email and number of riders will do. The link is

    TV coverage has been guaranteed


    Please visit www.ride4sophie.com.au
  7. Pretty keen on doing this ride.

    If anyone from the Northside of Sydney wants to meed up to ride out to Penrith together drop me a line.
  8. These Guys are getting a team of riders together from the North side.
    also there are riders heading down from Port Stephens Keep an eye on the http://www.ride4sophie.com.au/Ride.html page for meet point details


    Extract from Easyriders website

    Welcome....To the offical website of EASYRIDERS AUSTRALIA s.m.c

    For "Sophie Delezio" we would like to respectfully request that we as a group ,hold a charity run to raise funds to try and take care of some the burdens she will come across in future life, or even nominate her for young Australian of the year.For starters we have registered Easyriders to take part in a charity event ride4sophie.com.au The ride will be on July 1st for Sydney riders, Please meet at Penrith Panthers Club 11.30am . Easyriders Australia has donated $1,000 and we challenge all clubs to match it. More Details Soon


  9. All,

    The ride is less than two weeks away and thanks to all of you it looks like being a great ride. I’ll apologise again for the dynamics of the planning stage. Due to this event really being a spur of the moment idea after Sophie’s second accident planning has been a bit of an “as ya go type thing.”

    But all is in place now it's fairly simple in that riders will be gathering at the Sydney Olympic Park site (please see maps page on the www.ride4sophie.com.au website.)

    We plan to leave Olympic park at 2pm and ride as one huge group to the Harbord Diggers Club where we will present the funds raised to the foundation.

    There will be refreshments available at the Olympic park site and of course the Diggers Club will have plenty of good stuff for us.

    The clubs entire outdoor car park will be blocked off for our use only. Radio stations will be urging people to come down and visit us and to make further donations. I have even been told the TV may be getting some coverage of the ride from a chopper.

    There has been plenty of newspapers and radio stations plugging the ride and much more to come during the next 10 days

    It’s not too late to tell a few more friends. Let’s make this as big as we can.

    Also we still need as many businesses and groups to donate as much as they can so please keep spreading the word


    Carl Glover

    Ph. 0408 033360
    Email carl@ride4sophie.com.au

    Please visit www.ride4sophie.com.au
  10. OK Plebs listen up.

    So who is in on this ride or do I go with another club that is fully organised :?: :-k

    If you're in go to the website above and register your particapation on the form and list Netrider as the club of choice, and lets organise this setup. :deal:


    everyone else

    Gesee I guess I am a one man band :LOL:
  11. Just signed myself up. Where do we want to go from Marvin??
  12. I will be going on this ride.... Im going to Meet at the Deewhy Surfclub location on the northern beaches, If you see a blue Gpz500s with zx5r stickers on it that will be My wife (L's) Im not sure what bike I will be taking yet but I wont be far from her so come over and say hello.
  13. We could always make Road Warriors Cafe a meet point, say 1200hrs (coffee stop) to leave by 1230. So any Newcastle inmates can meet us there, if they are coming on the ride. It also means I can get a bit of a ride in :)

    Pick up other riders enroute going via back streets of Normanhurst, Pennant Hills Rd, Marsden Rd, Silverwater Rd, Holker Street, Homebush.

    We'll organise this better tonight at the coffee, and get a concensus. :cool:
  14. No worries. I won't be at coffee, so post up tomorrow what the go is. Road Warriors sounds like a good plan though.
  15. I'm in. Would be keen on the Road Warriors meet as well.
  16. What is the route ???
    I should be doing some last minute practicing on Saturday, but i think i'll go out for a ride.

    Post up a timing timetable. !!
  17. My Idea:

    So if the ride is leaving Olympic Park at 2pm to head down to Harbord, I reckon we should meet a bit earlier than midday. What about if we meet at Road Warriors at 11am for an 11.30 departure from there (this should give us enough time to pick up stragglers along the way.) We can meet up with any Netriders from up North at the Cafe.
    We then ride down the highway and maybe stop briefly in Hornsby to pick up anyone who wants to meet us there. Back on to the highway to Pymble then right onto Lane CoveRd -> Concord Rd.
    That should get us to Olympic park about 1.00 which gives up time to mingle a bit and admire the bikes.
    Then I guess we just follow the herd down to Harbord.

    Alternatively, we could go down Pennant Hills Rd to Carlingford and then do Marsden Rd -> Victoria Rd -> Concord Rd.

    What's everyone reckon??

    I think once we figure out which way we want to go, we should put up a seperate ride in the Events section...
  18. I reckon it is a goer for the 1100 start at Road Warriors, either direction suits, but we should arrange a meet point at Homebush before the big car park to pick up the stragglers and anyone delayed by Syd traffic.

    I'll go for the final meet point as Telstra Stadium entrance, opposite the Novatel at 1300hrs.
  19. see you there punkers !!