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[NSW] So, Who is Going to Vote Labor Tomorrow?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Alright. So after years and years of abhorrent management, endemic corruption at all levels and a complete disregard for the community it looks like the NSW labor party is on their way out.

    But some seats will still stay Labor, and many people will still be voting for Keneally and her assortment of hoods.

    So, if you're one of those I'm genuinely curious.


    Is it born from hatred of the Libs/Nats? Do you think Keneally can clean up her act? A feeling that the libs can't do any better?

    It'll be interesting to see what happens and more importantly, how it will effect the following election. If Labor can still cling to enough power to fight back in a few years time or the party will be that crippled it will take them a generation to get back into office.
  2. Pauline Hanson needs to be voted in to stick it up these kunts
  3. Not I.

    I'm not saying that the Liberals will necessarily be any better, but can we afford not to let them have a go, they couldn't possibly be any worse than Labor.
  4. Doesnt matter who ya vote for, just different sides to the same rectum.
  5. ^ this.
  6. Labor is proof losers can win (previous election) I'll vote for them again even though they will get smashed
  7. I'm going out on a limb here and making a prediction - not that the lib will win, but everything they promised will suddenly become impossible to do after they are in power because of how bad the labour party left it. I agree with the sentiment 2 sides of the same rectum, just that if libs are in they have a ready made excuse to do nothing whereas if labour were to win they would have no such excuse to fall back on. How long has Keneally been in anyway? Has she had a decent amount of time to have had any hope of cleaning up after 15(?) years of decay. I should admit while not being overly keen on labour I do quite like keneally from what I have seen, but I havent been looking closely.
  8. Fortunately I don't live in NSW. If I did, I'd have to vote informally.
  9. The few policies that O'Farrell has released have been no better than the Labor ones.

    It's the same sh!t. Accelerate land release on the edge of suburbia. Expand the M5 WEST of the tunnel. Move the money from this dubious project to another dubious project. Crack down on crime, speeding, red light cameras, etc.

    Then there is the question of who the Liberal power brokers are. There has been a serious infestation of the religious right into the NSW Liberal party.

    for those making an informed decision to vote labor the above issues will come into play.

    Then of course there is the labor base line. This is probably 30% of the population that will vote for them no matter what.

    Me? I'll be voting independent or just not showing up. I'm in one of the few safe labor seats.
  10. Please dont vote for those greeny fukwits
  11. Well I won't be voting libs just so they can have a shot at the above, see what independents are there.
  12. There's another thread on here about NSW's RTA removing the 3 km/h leeway on speed cameras. For me, that'd be the clincher (or deal breaker as some might say).
  13. I can't vote for the 'greediness is next to godlyness' liberals, deepseated hatred really and I really can't stand that mongoose Tony Abbott and can't bring myself to vote for anything associated with it. I think labour actually has a good point with their election advertising of don't give them too much power. Ideally I think the best thing for NSW would be libs in the lower house with out an absolute majority in the senate. With a mix of minor parties holding the balance.
  14. This is very likely anyway. Only voting for half the upper house tomorrow, so Libs will need to win just about every single seat to gain majority in the Council.
  15. EVERY winning party in the last dozens of years has pulled the "Mother Hubbard" trick; Rudd was the only one who didn't, because the cupboard was full to overflowing

    of course now........

    the interest in NSW will be that the Greens are expecting to pick up lots of disaffected labor voters, but with the lies and deceit of their Federal counterparts, I wouldn't be surprised if they get a shellacking as well.....
  16. In victoria we have a budget surplus yet already the new lib government is backpedalling on promises to "save money". The latest being the backdown on improving train stations etc despite money already allocated and costed for these projects.
    different shit same smell.
    They are all not worth a vote.
  17. ... cos it's the same as voting labor, but with more self righteousness ...
  18. Despite how it may appear, i think Labour clearly need to go. But Anthony Green's prediction that we'll have a 13 seat non-opposition is so sobering i'll have them higher on the ticket than Lib. Having no serious opposition is bad and Blue Mountains is one of hte less certain seats so my ticket will exhaust in both houses:

    Greens (because they're the only party who think i deserve equal treatment under the law)
    the sex party (not nearly as crazy as folk think, and pushing for some important freedoms for everyone~)
    assorted independents
    the goddamned crazies like Nile who want to take my rights back off me.

    Soz Goz~
  19. There's a danger in too many people thinking like that ... at the end of the day pre-polls and what people do at the ballot box can be two different things.
  20. There really is, yeah. I'm pretty confident this one is a little too extreme for my thinking to be the norm, though. I'll try not to eat those words :D