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[NSW] So has anyone been booked by a mobile speed camera?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by blackjacket, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Just wondering how these things go with bikes? Looks like I'll be receiving a fine in the mail... got done mindfully keeping to 60k m/h limit when the limit was in fact 50 km/h. :facepalm:](*,)

  2. Weird. Since their trial ended I haven't seen one.
  3. I've yet to see one
  4. You should be safe, if your bikes speedo reads a little fast.

    If not, then rioting in the streets would be the answer.
  5. Same, i saw two of them during the 'warning' period... and not one since.
    Maybe they pulled them off the roads for a few months for people to forget they exist again?
  6. Since theyre new theyre probably still working out the most profitable areas to put them in.

    Thats what they do in ACT.
  7. is it true that you can avoid being fined if you stick a leg up over your plate after realising your passing a mobile speed camera vehicle? does anyone do that?
  8. Well that raises a good point, the speed vans in ACT are forward facing so they catch you as soon as you see them, but since a bike has no front number plate they cant see you once youre past them.

    I would imagine these new ones are the same, surely you cant fit equipment facing both directions inside the vehicle.
  9. wrong mate, in nsw its both directions with video included

  10. So I keep on hearing, but every picture has the speed detection arrays and what not pointing towards the rear. Never a piece of solid proof...
  11. Saw one reported on the radio and drove down to see it on the way to work, and sure enough it was there, I got to work and checked the RTA locations, guess what, not on the list.
  12. I see mobile speed cameras all the time...
    If you get busted by a camera (mobile and stationary), how long does it take for them to send the letter?
  13. Well someone could try speeding past one multiple times with the fake numberplate FUK M3 :p

    Science wins.
  14. If I get a fine, I will post here. Seeing as I thought the limit was 60, I was probably doing a bit under and I may be okay... (checking the speedo on my bike = look down = enough time for some idiot to swerve into my lane, so I'd rather keep my head up)

    For those saying they aren't in use, they have been in heavy use in Bathurst, mainly on the Great Western Highway leading into town from the east.
    Last weekend this guy was sitting on Gilmour St, just up from GWH. It's always been a ford territory with the orange stripes.
  15. The digital camera is in the back.
    The radar antenna does points rearward, but the bastard machine can actually monitor approaching and receding traffic. Up to six lanes at once. Hi res video camera pointing in same direction as antenna, in case any disputes arise.
    :-s More of these on the way next year.
  16. And for when the Sharks win a premiership....](*,)

  17. And they're not white either... Black one's in the Hunter...

    There's one on Cessnock Road a couple of times a week now...
  18. I haven't seen the white one monitoring southbound traffic to Wollongong since police were called to it. Methinks someone harassed them or threw something.
  19. So they have rear facing, front facing and a motion camera. Chances are if your speeding you would get done by the front facing camera because you havent had time to see it and slow down, however you would have to be pretty silly to have not slowed down by the time the rear facing camera will work.

    So the big question is do they need a photo of you speeding in the same frame as your number plate or can they book you if they have a shot of you speeding from the front and video footage of your rear numberplate as you travel past after slowing down. And if they are allowed to do this do they bother. I have talked to cagers who have been done by them but I haven't heard anyone on a bike being caught yet.
  20. Which is not the same as having a speed detection unit facing forward and rearward, just that it doesn't matter which way the traffic is travelling.