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[NSW] So has anybody been booked by safety cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Netterhead1, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Recently i was riding home from uni (UNSW). i go up anzac parade then through the harbour tunnel. going through these lights at the corner of moore park road and anzac parade i noticed that in a matter of weeks three safety cameras have been installed. (north and south on anzac parade and also south dowling st near that intersection)

    since then i have noticed that i generally go through there about 5-10 over the limit as the speed limit drops from 70-60 just before the camera.

    has anybody been done by these cameras as it seems like they must be raking the money in from them. they keep installing more like this.

  2. A lot of these cameras are either Transit lane cameras or bus lane cameras, hard to tell between them.And then there are the combination red light speed cameras.
  3. Yeah I got one (eastbound? towards uni, I guess) about 2 weeks after they were introduced because I was late for a quiz one morning :(. Completely forgot about it after trundling through at 40 every day. Thank **** it was only a warning and they didn't put my speed on it or anything or else my old man would've snapped. There was something funny at the bottom of the notice saying "if this warning applies to p platers penalties may apply" but aside from that nothing happened.

    Theres one each direction on flinders/anzac, and theres another one in each direction like 100m over on south dowling st at the intersection of fitzroy st (though they only get traffic going along south dowling).

    So far I've almost been cleaned up braking for a yellow light 3 times, seems like it's only going to be a matter of time :/.

    EDIT: they're upgrading all the red light cameras to safety cams, meaning that eventually the one on anzac headed to uni at cleveland st will also be 'upgraded'. Theres another one that was being upgraded between the 11th and 21st of the month in five dock (corner of fairlight and ramsay st) but they haven't changed the sign so it still just says red light camera ahead. Not nearly game enough to go through that one, so if anyone heads out that way keep an eye out.
  4. Hate these cameras with a passion... Instead of people just going through the lights and maybe adding a few k's on top of their speed, they panic and slam the brakes on. It's only a matter of time before a huge accident occurs when the person behind wants to go through but the one in front wants to stop.

    But it's for safety.
  5. I'd say the bigger issue is people watching their speedo instead of the intersection. Just a few days ago at a red light the car in front of me decided red now meant green and slowly drove through the intersection, luckily the cars turning right from the adjacent road noticed him.
  6. Which is the whole issue with this camera mentality. Whether a driver or rider...we are now in a position, especially in large cities, where we drive around constantly checking our speedo, as opposed to looking where we should. And if that isn't enough, I seem to be seeing more of those small speed camera signs (you know the ones with just a camera on them) nailed to a telegraph poles everywhere. We are being inundated by this crap.

    It is anti-safe. Increase the speed limit by 5kph across all areas and remove the cameras...I guarantee there won't be one difference in crash stats.
  7. ^ Ha ha you watch the Big Bang Theory ... 8-[

    Safety Cameras my arse. They're called Greed Cameras. Can we at least use the correct terminology? Thankyou for your co-operation. :)
  8. That'll be $283 or we'll cancel your registration without you knowing. Then when you get caught, $1080 please.
  9. I got a warning letter in the post, during the phase in stage. I was turning right, and a stupid ****er in front of me stopped while turning (wtf? Seriously?), and the light went amber then red and I got flashed.
  10. Everyone who does this in the LCT/SHT/CCT, say aye.
  11. was she hot?

    OT - was headed home tonight (moore park rd/anzac pde), light turned yellow so I stopped, and just before the other lights turned green there was a flash, even though no car had gone through the intersection (against a red light or at speed).

    Fun times ahead, methinks.
  12. Yikes, I just realised how many of these I pass through every day and instead of having 4 massive signs warning you about them they've only got one with no indication that its a speed camera. I haven't had any flashes but I'm usually 5-10 over most of the time. Hope I haven't been done.
  13. good luck if you're trying to see the sign heading south on anzac pde/ moore park rd intersection.

    the sign is behind a tree under an awning with a huge sign above it to make sure you don't see it. the camera is easier to see than the warning sign.
  14. I saw them. In the space of about 30 seconds. couldn't believe my eyes. There is also a new one at the south dowling st and cleveland st intersection, on cleveland st. Which makes two speed cameras in about 300 metres (with the ones outside sydney boys). The original list also had another safety cam further down cleveland, though I don't know if it ever got put in.
  15. You could lose your license in under 2km :|
  16. You could lose it on the one camera if you're trying hard enough.

    Anyway, just got into uni, just about every safety cam I pass on the way to uni had a team of boneheads working away on em. Anyone have any idea what they're doing?
  17. Loading them with bullets and kittens. Everytime someone speeds past BANG
  18. "safety" camera, safety my ARSE! money camera is more apt.