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[NSW] Snowy Ride 2006, Sat Nov 11th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Brad Steyn

    About The Ride

    Why it’s on and How it Works
    The Snowy Ride is a motorcycle event run annually in the Alpine Region of NSW and the ride is now in it’s fifth year. The first five years has attracted over 10,000 riders and has raised over one...

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  2. Hi guys anyone interested in heading down for this? I may be able to twist some contacts arms and arrange a backyard to pitch a tent in, or hopefully something else :?

    I'll but out a few feelers in the coming weeks to see if anyone is willing to put up a few rough neck bikers for the weekend, and off course, as well as the more reasonable ones :)
  3. You can count my hubby and myself in for this one he was been wanted to it for a long time, and now that I have bike we can both go.
    There also another ride we are doing in late October for careflight to orange so busy time of year.
  4. AHH my birthday is a saterday :grin:

    Interested ,just need a to get a leave pass .

  5. Pussywhipped. :cool:
  6. Count me in on this one Marvin.

    I like to try the Snowy ride.
  7. Hi Guys,
    1st time poster here just to let you know it is fully worth it to go on the snowy ride. I have been on 2 so far and they are great ( as long as the weather holds out) great atmosphere, great roads its all good.
    Hope to see you all there :biker:
  8. Just to let everyone know I recieved a letter from the snowy run orginizers that said this will be the last snowy ride they will be doing so if your ever been thinking about doing it this will be the last chance.
    This makes me :cry:
  9. Just remember, if you go down this year take your winter riding gear as Thredbo gets down to 3 degrees in the mornings. And last year the Jindy - Canberra leg was bitterly cold.

  10. I am keen to do this! I will probably be camping though! Sounds like fun,

    SteveFrost -> Making the jump from overclockers hey? welcome!
  11. I have a mate (non-Netrider) in Sydney who has invited me on this and I intend going at this stage. I'm not sure if I'll leave Melbourne on the Friday around lunchtime or the Saturday morning.
  12. ive got a 6hr exam on that day, looks like im going to have to pass on the ride
  13. holy crap dude, what the hell takes 6 hours???
  14. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)...lets just say, its not the easiest course around. ohhhh im looking forward to the exam :roll: lol
  15. So what like super IT or something,

    better you than me.
  16. I'll be joining you guys.
  17. Not quite! 2007 will be the last but there are talks underway to keep it going.

    This year will be my 4th & can thoroughly recommend it :grin:
  18. Not quite! 2007 will be the last but there are talks underway to keep it going.

    I really hope so this will be my 3rd time and really look forward to it each time
  19. Cup Weekend Snowy Mountains Ride

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone up for a long weekend ride to snowy mountain region??

    I am a P plater, so can't really take part in the Four Musketeer Ride that's taking place cup weekend, so thought of organising an easier one.

    Weather should be fabulous early Nov, and approximate details are:
    -7-9 hrs ride, depending on route
    -heaps of things to see: Kosciuszko guided walk/national park trip, hiking trips, snowy mountain streams/lakes, horseriding, skitube (underground train), caves, museums, galleries...
    -overnight stay in budget accomodation on the way there
    -overnight in Jindabyne (north of kosciuszko, and next to thredbo, perisher) - approx $40-50 a head, if sharing
    -possibly another overnight on way back, or drive straight to Melb

    would love any suggestions/advice if any of you have done similar sort of thing in the past,

  20. Ahhh if only cup weekend was a week later.
    I'm heading up to Thredbo the following weekend for the big Snowy ride :)