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[NSW] Skyriders to Picton, Sun Oct 29th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Chrissie

    Date: Sunday 29/10/06
    Meeting time: 8:15AM
    Meeting place: HBB parking area
    Route: HBB – Liverpool, Hume Hwy – Camden Valley Way – Camden Bypass – Remembrance Drive – Picton Rd to the drop zone
    EAT: 10:00AM

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  2. I am soooooo in! :p
  3. Skyriders – ride and dive – The wait is over! come for a thrill filled journey :cool: (and jumping is not compulsory to join the ride :grin: )

    Return route: dunno yet, Haggis didn’t tell me :roll: – open for suggestion


    Ride – Sunday early-ish morning start through Camden Valley, aiming to arrive Picton before 10AM. The jump does not take place right away because it’s quite busy at weekends and tandem jumper has to sign in, wait for call. Not everyone can jump in the same load either. I anticipate a 3-hour duration to be spent at the drop zone. It may be a good idea to plan for a picnic, that is, bring own food and drink. Alternatively, the canteen at the dropzone makes hamburgers, sandwiches, tea and coffee (not high quality coffee though), cold drinks can be bought as well. The return route can be heading towards east to the coast through Royal NP or whichever the most pleasant, estimated leaving DZ in the early afternoon, depending how many people are jumping and if video is involved.

    Skydiving – For those who (i.e. Phil) want to do the course, they will have to enrol a Saturday (28/10) all-day ground course (stage 1 course), and the stage 1 jump follows on Sunday. For those who are interested in a tandem jump, they should book for a Sunday jump. Thus, everyone can ride and jump on the same day. Bring a pair of comfy pants to jump.

    Skydiving details can be found at http://www.sydneyskydivers.com.au/?page=moreinfo&type=1

    At the moment there’s a special rate for 5 tandem jumpers or more – the price drops from 325 to 285 on that particular Sunday. So please voice your interest and if there are at least 5, we can book for the special discount together. Otherwise booking can be done online. Video costs extra.

    NOTE Tandem vs. stage 1 course

    Tandem, as most people have experienced or heard, is to jump out of the plane with a tandem master (TM) behind you. You will be wearing harness securely attached to the TM, who is carrying a tandem parachute (larger than normal to hold the weight). TM will be in charge of all the procedure from freefall through deployment of the parachute to landing. All you need to do is follow his instruction (chin up, legs up etc…) and enjoy the fall the view.

    Doing stage 1 course (ground course and first jump) costs a bit more than four hundred dollars. The difference is you will have to take a whole day stage 1 ground course on Saturday. On the jump day (say, Sunday) you will be equipped with your own parachute, two jump masters will accompany on each side (holding onto you) to watch you going through the freefall and practicing procedures until you deploy the parachute. Once the canopy opens, you control it following the direction of the big arrow on the ground operated by Target Master (TA) until you land. There are 9 stages to go through before you are qualified to apply for ‘A’ licence, which allows you to jump on your own (without JM or TA).

    I suppose I should take a roll call here...

    Romus (tandem)
    Falco Phil (stage 1)
    Chrissie (fun)

    Mud Monkey
    and whoever shows up
  4. Are you jumping Romus??

    Give us the first timer jump price chrissie?.

    It's my birthday the week after so need a present for my self.

    EDIT: read your updated post. :cool:
  5. Yea Sleddog, I'll jump and hope the chute won't open. Maybe THAT will kill me, since bike failed miserably so far :p

    Nah, always wanted to do it, now i have the opportunity. :)
  6. Here's what you are in for with the stage 1 course:

    A spare 3 seconds
  7. ah greg, so many possible comments spring to mind :LOL:
  8. OOCH .:shock:

    Just stop by the sperm bank on the was there ,just to be safe .
  9. Of course, being 110kg makes life a bit worse in that particular 1/2 a second. I was bruised for 2 weeks. Not to put anyone off or anything.
  10. You’ve got my sympathy Gregg… :shock:

    Sleddog, I believe it’s more at groin rather than the manhood if harness is adjusted correctly. Otherwise we’ll need to depart… 2 hours earlier? for stopping at the sperm bank :LOL:

    I’ve got bruises at groin area through the first couple weeks when I started skydiving. After that I eventually found the best harness position and tightness that suited me better, got my own (smaller) canopy, as well as the body posture when the canopy opens. It also involves how parachute is packed (fast or slow opening) and the canopy size vs. your weight.

    Don’t worry, Gregg survived (obviously) and he still looks like a man… obviously :wink:

    Attached some formation performed at Picton in Easter 2006, look what you can do in the sky!
  11. Ah, but I used to be a baritone. Now I'm a tenor! :LOL:
  12. If i have nothing on i might come out to watch but strictly watching. I am more chicken than woman.
  13. If you have nothing on we'll find out if you really are a chicken :LOL:
  14. who are you saying is chicken ?

    pock pock po-cock !! :LOL: ;)
  15. I hope I'm not busy that day... this would be the bestest funest most awesomest day evar.
  16. Well....at least a helmet anyway...after all, it is the law!
  17. Gday Chrissie,
    I'm in Wollongong and reckon I'll be just coming up for a squiz and a howdy, cause I just cant see the point of jumping out of a perfectly good plane :?

    Anyone else from down here thinking about a wee ride over the mountain to watch these daredevils?
  18. Dennis you are a wicked man :twisted:

    so what was that? Panthus is gonna do a nude jump? Hooray~ the dropzone will be packed, and car accidents on Hume ....

    Deve8ed - the point is... speeding without demerit pts taken, or worring about kangaroo :LOL: although a few months ago in VIC one skydiver in wingsuit did collide with an eagle... :shock: SO, we'll see you at HBB yeah?

    Haggis' idea is to lead the non-jumpers ride a bit further around Picton (many nice routes there) while adrenalin pigs throwing themselves out of the aeroplane. :cool:
  19. i'll come for a ride if i'm not busy.
    where is everyone meeting ?
  20. how old do you have to be to jump tandem? :shock: i live about 15 minutes from picton so i might come down