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[NSW] signalling whilst pulling out of kerb

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by iahawk, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. hey everyone,

    Got a question, really simple actually. My younger brother is going for his P test in a few weeks and he lives in a rural town so basically the test goes like this. RTA assessor stands out on a road tells the rider to go around the block and you have to do an emergency break in front of him and then you have to roll back into the gutter and show how you would signal coming out of the kerb.

    Problem is apparently their is a right and wrong way of signalling out from a kerb on a motorcycle and for the life of me i can't even remember what is the right way. i generally just throw my right hand blinker on, check and pull out....is this right?? i have looked over the RTA website for him but nothing....as usual.

    And it would suck if he fails all because of signalling....

    anyway know the right way? or can confirm if what i told him is the right way?

  2. what town does he live in? i'da loved to have done my test there lol
  3. At a guess it would be right hand blinker, bu tI would recommend the motorcycle handbook from rta to check.
  4. If he rolls back into the gutter he should be perpendicular to the road with his rear wheel in the gutter. This being the case he would indicate left to go left or right to go right. I suspect the tester will want him to go left. :)
  5. Had a similar test when I went for mine ( though not wheel to curb ) - its a time thing - - tell him to indicate for at least 5 seconds and do head checks before pulling out.

    Tester was more interested in the time we indicated for than anything else.

    ( this is my experience only )

    With the indicator though - you are merging/pulling out to the right - so I would indicate right.
  6. well yes. the issue is a left blinker will be invisible to anyone that would benefit from the knowledge
  7. As above and from my P's test...

    Rear wheel to gutter, want to go left to join the near lane, traffic coming down toward us. Makes normal sense to indicate left, but incorrect, you indicate right as the left indicators are hidden. Basically treated the same as a lane merge i guess.
  8. Vehicles approaching from the rider's left side will know it's not safe for them to turn right or u-turn in front of the riders path. Also, any vehicle attempt to go right from the sam position on the other side of the street would benefit. It's the same as pulling out of a driveway.

    Vehicles coming from the rider's right side don't need to see the indicator as the rider should know they are there and must give way to them. :)