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[NSW]Short notice newcastle - 01/10/06 mattara hill climb $8

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Saz, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. 1) Meet at Woolworths Caltex at Glendale 10:30

    2) Meet King St Maccas at 11:00

    Gunna head into king edward park to watch the mattara hill climb. Entry is $8 for an adult.
  2. will be there along with steve, brett and maybe my friend with a cage to check out the scene,
  3. AHHH the Mattara Hill Climb, memories memories....

    I saw Kel Carruthers race his works Honda 250 GP bike there in 1965.

    And I pit crewed there for Ron Thorpe in the AC Cobra in 1968..


    {search for Australian Grand Prix on this long page for a picture, the only genuine AC Cobra in the country}

    and I had a ride down the hill with the late Tom Sulman in his Lotus 11

  4. Ride up hornet :D
  5. huzey, if i wasn't indespensibly required at a house of worship at 9:00 tomorrow morning (I'm preaching), I'd take you up on that in a heartbeat!!!
  6. All these rides and events and I'm bikeless!!!!!!

    thanx for the message Saz, If I didn't have the family thing to do today, I would be pillion on that beast of yours in a heartbeat!!!

  7. Your welcome Tim, i know what it's like to be bikeless. Nother time.
  8. grrrrr I missed another ride again :(
  9. Homer, were you in town today? I belive i saw a 650 ride past the forshore