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[NSW] Short Early Ride North, Sun Feb 15th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Max

    Starting at 8:30 from Berowra meeting point taking O.P.H. and George Downes Drive to Gerrys for coffee and then return to Berowra (ready for afternoon jaunt) via wisemans ferry road

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  2. The forecast is for rainy periods so come prepared for the weather. Call my mobile 0432166629 if you have any queries
  3. A quiet wet ride

    At the meeting point I found what I suspected: Not a lot of interest for this wet ride.


    The Old Pacific Highway was a very nice place to be with some wet weather gear on it provided an ideal opportunity to develop skills and confidence. With no other traffic to worry about the lonely rider

    focusses all of his attention on the road and carefully enjoys the moments of euphoria that come with navigating corners on a motorcycle in the rain.


    Leaf and bark washed into the centre of the road can catch the unwary rider


    The Old Pacific Hwy was so good, I returned home the same way
  4. looks good man, my wet riding experience is pretty limited and i wouldnt want to touch anything that looks remotely like corners. im planning on doin that trip for first time on wed 25th (weather dependant) if you or anyone else is up for it.
  5. Depending on what time you were leaving I'd be up for it. I've got to be at work until about 1pm.
  6. I could possibly do 25th in the evening. Post it up as you plans firm up, I'm sure you'll get some takers
  7. im up 4 some evening rides, while summer is still here... :-w
    i dont ride in the wet though