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[NSW] Short distance L-P's Ride, Sat Mar 17th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Michael

    There is a super-noobie Learners ride this Saturday morning to Road Warriors Cafe. Meet at Norwest BP at 10am for a 10:30am departure.

    Route is through Castle Hill, maybe Galstone Gorge and onto the OPH to Road Warriors.

    I'm the nominated...

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  2. In like Flynn
  3. i'm there!.. if i don't get lost like tonight :oops:
  4. Yeah, i heard the ride mentor for this ride is going to behave, ride to the limit, use his indicators, won't lane-split and even wear a reflective vest.

    Sounds like a responsible role model ! :LOL:

    Seriously, its ideal for those L-platers who have not ventured out far and want to meet other L-platers to learn from and socialise with.

    There is a decent size coming already. Throttle-jockeys can come, but remember its going to be to the speed limit and responsible riding.

  5. vicious rumors you're spreading there micky! :LOL:

    I'd definately recommend going on a group ride like this for Learner riders. Its a safe environment, good way to meet others, find some lovely roads....
  6. mite be in this one... depends if im here on sat.... :LOL:
  7. Would be in this one, but i'm away for the weekend :cry:

    If this is the road i think it is, i've done it once, it was the first time i started to push myself a bit which was fun but its got a few 5km/h hairpins which were a lil daunting at first. And if it doesn't, i'm thinking of a different road :LOL: lol
  8. Micky, time to undo your reputation of losing people :rofl:

    I'll be old pac way saturday morning with Ez so I'll probably see you at some point. Keep an eye out for me :grin:
  9. Where?

    Will be up for this one but where is the meeting point?

    Need alittle more info,


  10. i might be in on this for a short squirt, but if so will have to meet you at galston. will let you know.

    for those who are not sure there is two options from galston to the pacific highway. both as good as each other

    1) thru glaston gorge - tight 5 km/h hairpins
    2) thru berowa waters - more flowing corners and ferry trip

    personally point 2 is better - more flowing curves and a ferry trip is nice (ahh yeah the ice cream at the shop in berowa waters - who can forget that!!!)
  11. Your not just a pretty face Sean ! :grin:

    Not going through Glaston Gorge, we might lose some riders - but throw them into the deep-end i say ! LOL

    Okay, its Berowra Ferry for the first stop to account for the riders and make sure none are missing, then off to Road Warriors.

    Cnr of Old Windsor Rd and Celebration Drv.
  12. pretty :shock: - not sure i would desribe a guy as pretty!! :grin: :grin:

    theres a car park off the road on the left 100m or so before the ferry - good regrouping area
  13. just had to put an extra post to knock up my 100th post. quiet a few more needed before i catch up to you micky :grin: :grin: :grin:

    i have been promoted to regular - may the lurker RIP!!
  14. Id love to come but i dont think my bike will be back together by then, maybe i could ride the across as a naked bike for the day Hmmmm.
  15. I'll nominate as Tail End Charlie if you don't have one already :grin:
  16. Any other chicks coming to this one?
  17. Any Easties on for this one????????

    I've just dry cleaned my reflective vest so good to go.
  18. Bummer, Work gets in the way of my riding life once again.
    Have a good one Guys.
  19. reflective vest JJ??? hahahaha i'm going, so's Loth (met you last night)
  20. cant come to this as i will already be on oph at the time, wit a couple of mates, going up to gosford though,

    hope to see you all on the road