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[NSW] Sheepwash Road turnoff, Illawarra Highway

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by hornet, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. For as long as this intersection has had a 90kph speed limit the limit has been consistently ignored, either by motorists who don't care, or who aren't thinking, like myself a few mornings ago.

    Yesterday afternoon a new Commodore with a little silver box hanging out the window was parked on the west-east side.

    The intersection is a dangerous one, even if you are doing 90; motorists coming out of Sheepwash Road either crossing the highway or turning onto it, often fail to estimate YOUR speed, wait till the last minute and then pull out.

    If you get pinged for doing more than 90, please don't post up a complaint.....

  2. If somebody posts up a complaint after getting pinged for doing more than 90, please don't post up a complaint.....
  3. it's a deal, if someone posts up a complaint about someone's complaint about someone's complaint, I won't complain :LOL:
  4. I would like to note my complaint about your complaint's complaint.
  5. All this complaining about complaining sucks IMHO.

    I should quit my complaining.

    Back on topic, I know that road. Thanks for the heads up Hornet.
  6. This is because a person died there recently, but I was under the impression it was more so down the road, out the front of the robertson pie shop.
  7. no-one has died at that intersection that I know of; a rider was killed by running into the back of a car east of the Pie Shop, over a year ago as I recollect.
  8. But why put a cop there ? wouldn't they reduce more accident putting a speed camera there that doesn't pull people over and sends them a fine 2 weeks later???? :bannanabutt::p
  9. nah, speed camera would have to have three signs before it which would actually reduce fatalities.
  10. Was it the bright green commodore? i see him everywhere around there
  11. Guess then that they should instead just be investing in more speed camera signs instead of speed camera's 8-[
  12. Or maybe some of these

  13. mate, never seen the cops around here do many fixed camera traps, only time they do end up doing it is around the schools
  14. They regurlarly set up a speed and rbt trap at the old holden dealership in moss vale catching people coming down the hill into the 50 zone, i dont mind gives me a chance to see there latest unmarkeds that they station there
  15. yea they also do the same on the old hume highway, when you getting into mittagong from sydney, the information bay there they sometimes hide it there, opposite the 'haunted train station', along with RBT there as well, sometimes, it gets people off as it changes from 80-60-50 so fast

    but yea more likely to have RBT then speed traps in the highland