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[NSW] Senior cop loses licence for speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Transformer, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Says it all! But looks like no hoon laws for him.


  2. Well suck big jobs and get the Grosbys on buster!

    Puerile reaction, I know, but I hate the "do as I say, not as I do" approach displayed by many of the local police I see routinely breaking the road rules.
  3. At heart, we're all human and we all like the thrill of travelling quickly.

    I choose to see it another way. For every cop that gets busted speeding, that means our chances out on the road are that much slimmer for encountering an understanding officer. If they have the attitude that not even they can get a warning, then they're sure as hell not going to give a mere warning to any of us.

    This is a victory for the pencil pushing letter-of-the-law bureaucrats, and nothing more.
  4. What he said.
  5. I think that's a stretch. The pedant scalp hunter highway patrol types will always book anyone they can. The rest will just do as they do depending on how busy they are.

    We're looking about 75 clicks over the limit in this case. I don't think ANY copper would turn a blind eye to ANYONE doing that given the chance.

    How many habitual speeders in uniform do you really think would become significantly more mercenary if they get booked themselves? Certainly one losing his license for that kind of speed won't be out on patrol booking anyone for some time. :LOL:
  6. Said officer who also travels at 75kph over may be more likely to hit you with just a basic speeding charge, and discretionally choose not to apply hoon laws, and whatever other charges he has the option of applying. This is what I meant by "warning". ie. You're still going to be nicked, it's simply a question of how many pages of the book get thrown at you. I wasn't suggesting that you'd actually get off scott free.
  7. i say we organise a lynch mob outside his house :cool:
  8. No Driving at a Speed Dangerous charge?

    I think he got let off lightly...
  9. I thought that was instant loss of license at that speed?
  10. I guess you missed this part of the article:
  11. Was referring to this part of the article, it seemed the suspension was internal

  12. Bzzzt. Wrong. :)
  13. So what's with the six demerit points then?
  14. It's part of the Infringement. As is the $1674 fine. As is the mandatory six months suspension. It's the triple whammy. You don't "not lose" points just because you get suspended (excuse the grammar). And vice versa.
  15. I believe there is a mandatory 6 mth suspension regardless of whether you still have points left after the 6 are removed or not. Otherwise someone who still has >6 points left would not be off the road at all. Now if you have less than 6 points then cop this infringement I guess you get the 6 month suspension lengthened to 12 months unless you plead your case and go on a probationary license after the 6 month mandatory suspension...clear as mud?
  16. What a prick that cop is booking his own collegue. Wtf is the world coming too.

    Bring back the dodger.
  17. As a cop, he should know better... but as a human, it takes some courage to come out and cop it on the chin.

    I say he's an idiot and should have known better, but kudos to him for accepting what he's done and not blaming anyone else.
  18. I heard he was on his way to a donut shop which had a 50% off sale on all donuts! I think if he takes it to court, cops are let off in these cases.

  19. Pressing Necessity. I think. :grin:
  20. All i can say is that "Speed signs are just a guide"