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NSW - Selling for a mate problem

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Crash_Rubes, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I looked at a tidy bike yesterday. Very interested in it but the guy selling it isn't the owner. He says his mate asked him to sell it for him. Apparently the seller has gone overseas for 6 months. The seller didn't sign the rego papers before he left and is not contactable for a few weeks. REVS check is fine.

    I think the guy is legite but I walked away. Bottom line is that with no signature on the rego papers the sale is totally worthless isn't it?
  2. Absolutely. And I would insist on a bill of sale. His mate should be able to post one out within a week from anywhere in teh world for a couple of dineros, rubels, euros or whatever. His mate can fill in the price and sign it as well.
    If I had a mate selling something, I'd be contactable almost instantly anywhere. The reality is, anyone is contactable anywhere in the world if they want to be.
    In fact, it may be his mate's bike, but he may be selling it illegaly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. +1 In fact if the mate comes back and the bike is stolen or illegally sold you would have very little chance of keeping it, as "title" would not have passed.
    Thats why they have the registers in the states now, to check that the guy selling actually owns the bike / car.

    Don't touch it without written verifiable proof and a signed transfer.
  4. I wouldn't trust a stranger, but I've sold my brother's CB250 for him whilst he was overseas. He didn't even get to sign the rego papers! People know where you live, so if it's later reported stolen, you'll expect to hear from their mates out the front of your house at 10 pm.
  5. Hmmm, I bought a car when I was young, chassis rail was cracked. Went back a week later and no one lived there anymore.
    Not a good enough guarantee.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. The seller may or may not be legit, regardless without the paperwork it's a risk and waste of time.
    You can try and find out who the registered owner is and make direct contact through his family if he has any, but I would even be suspicious of email correspondance as you never know who your really dealing with over the internet .
  7. err going against the grain doesnt a revs check garrantee against reposettion.
  8. but i trust you yeah?? lol
  9. not if hte owner comes back and claims' stolen... i didnt sign anything/ rego papers to suggest a sale'.
  10. Hey Flex, I don't even trust me :p
  11. well i do know u will need a bill of sale to be signed by the owner RTA doesnt like accepting photo copies or faxes