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[NSW] saw one get pulled over for sitting in the right lane!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pringa8, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Finally!!! It's the first time I've seen it. I was thinking, bloody hell, look at this bloke just sitting in the right hand lane while people have to go around him. Then saw a divvy van come right up behind him, sit behind for a while, flashed his lights once ie move over, still didn't move then he lit him up and pulled him over. Champion!

  2. It should happen more often, they would make a killing in fines.
  3. Probably got off with a warning.

    Although tonight I'll probably dream they used the capsicum spray, and wake up with a smile on my face.
  4. ...and wet sheets. :wink:

    I'd love to drive around in an unmarked cop car all day, pulling people over for sitting in the right-hand lane. :grin:
  5. As my missus says, I'd be a nazi on the road if I was a cop (to the inconsiderate b@stards that is)!
  6. Me too. Lane change with no indicator? Ticket. Sitting in the RH lane? Ticket. Talking on your mobile? Ticket. Playing your 'doof doof' too loud? Ticket. Driving your Commodore with your arm hangin' down the door 'cause you're just sooooooo cool? Two tickets - one for the arm out the window, one for being a wanker. :wink:
  7. ha ha ha ha ha, were we separated at birth???
  8. Jonathan??? :shock:

  9. I'd excommunicate all the peanuts who park on the side of the Tullamarine Fwy here in Melbourne, waiting to collect someone from the airport. Only a matter of time until one of them causes a multi car pile up at speed.


  10. DAD??? :p
  11. I must've started young; you're only eight years younger than me! :wink:

    MMM - It's illegal to stop on the side of the road that leads to the Brissy airports. Then, of course, the a**eholes charge an arm and a leg to park for five minutes. :mad:
  12. :applause: :applause: :rofl: :rofl: :driver: :arrow: WANKER

    haha love it
  13. Yeah, although they charge piss all to park at newcastle airport, but people still do it there. Or even park on the main entry road. Then whinge when they get a ticket for it.
  14. Re: [NSW] saw one get pulled over for sitting in the right l

    It could also have been unregistered, outstanding defect notice or anything else.

    Although if the cop pulled him over for incorrectly using the right lane, he deserves a thumbs up.
  15. same in Vic but they don't pay attention to the signs.
  16. It is here too, but what REALLY SH!TS ME is when I see cop cars go past without batting an eyelid let alone booking anyone. Seen it twice now, the second time the cop in question was too busy even to book the knobjockey who pulled an illegal u-turn over the freeway median! The guy didn't indicate and the cop nearly ran up his bum, but kept driving to Sunbury. I followed him all the way into town. He also ignored someone doing a u-turn over double white lines on Sunbury Rd just behind the airport.
  17. You can park a few km away and watch the planes come and go (Operations Rd) and wait for the phone call (I do it all the time).

    Back on topic I had an old dear in front of me on Dynon Rd/Spencer St this morning who was lucky to get to 40 and then slowed down even more at intersections even though our lane was clear (mind you she made it clear going so bloody slowly).

    I caught her in the queue coming off City Link so I'd hate to think how slow she was on the tollway.......
  18. Re: [NSW] saw one get pulled over for sitting in the right l

    I'm positive he did, he didn't follow him for long enough to run a check, it was a new car and new trailer. The cop just rode his @rse for a bit giving him the "move over" message, he didn't so he lit him up! Champion!
  19. Re: [NSW] saw one get pulled over for sitting in the right l

    Wish they'd do it to the friggin trucks and slow ass cars that hog the right lane on the Monash. :evil:
  20. I think it's symptematic of the selfishness of drivers these days, I swear it's getting worse.

    There must be difficulties in actually proving an offence, cause the cops could potentially make a lot of cash from this! There could be a million arguments "oh I was turning right ahead" yeah, in 3kms! or, I couldn't get back into the left hand lane, etc.