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[NSW] Saturday Arvo Ride

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Memphis, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys/girls
    Thinking of having an easy going ride on Saturday Afternoon.

    At the moment I'm thinking a nice easy ride up through the northern beaches all the way to Palm Beach, stop for coffee.

    Ride back to Sydney and Dinner in the City.

    After dinner, a ride through the city to look at the wild life.

    Then home.

    I've not planned a ride before, I usually use an e-tag to get around the CBD.

    If anyone is interested and also interested in leading the way, would be great. Also ideas on Dinner. I know its short notice, but its so freaking hot today and tomorrow that I figured most will be around! And a late afternoon ride would be nicer than really early or mid day.

    Dinner is fairly easy in the cbd so shouldn't be a problem there.
  2. Anyone is welcome, its not a super fast ride, i'm still only a Learner.
  3. make it on sunday, bit cooler then :shock: :shock: :grin:

    ill be soft, staying home under aircon, hurry up and go away summer
  4. I'll be playing Paintball sunday, so thats not gonna happen!

    I'm still going for a ride saturday. Summer is here, may as well enjoy it before we all complain about it raining all the time!

    Altho I'll still winge about how hot it is :?
  5. I'll be there!

    What time we meeting and where? I don't mind meeting u at casula unless you wanted to meet somewhere else?

    Where is the easiest for you?
  6. We'll probably catch up with Shins around 4PM.

    I might need to go to Carringbar tomorrow afternoon anyway, I'll give you a ring around lunchtime to sort out what time.

    But if I go to carringbar I could catch you around there.
  7. Sounds like a plan. Speak to you then. :wink:
  8. I could be up for this, wouldn't mind a night / evening ride tonight. Where you gathering?
  9. Hey guys

    Meeting point has been organised:
    SouthGate Shopping Centre (Macca's Car Park)
    3:30PM Meet and leaving at 4:00PM - Heading to the City.

    If you have an e-tag it might be worth taking it as we will be heading up the northern beaches from the city.
    Stopping at the SHELL Service Station on Spit Road @ 5:00 - 5:20PM (Before the down run to the Spit Bridge) Heading North.

    Ride up the northern beaches to the end. Stop for Coffee or what ever you desire!

    Ride back to Sydney for a late Dinner, probably get back to the CBD around 7:30PM.

    Cruise through the city then break off and go home.

    If you need to contact me you can on:
    0404 823 308

  10. Updated with the actuall meeting points!

  11. [​IMG]

    Didn't realise my camera was on such a low res :(

    Thanks for the fun ride guys :grin:

    So freakin long! Left at 3:30pm, home at 11pm!
  12. Well, I did a big thankyou post to PhilC and Not4Resale, but now cbf and going to bed!!!

    I'll re-do it in the arvo today unless the mod is gonna cut and paste it...

    Would like to know whats going on. This was locked, so made a thankyou post only to have it deleted and this unlocked without my thankyou post!!!

    So confused!

    Nice pic Shins
  13. Also, we should have just taken off the bike gear and jumped into the water!!!! :LOL:
  14. And do another 2 hours riding with salty sandy nether regions? :shock:

    Was great fun. Not at all too warm.
  15. Had a great time with you all, Special thanks to Not4Resale and PhilC

    Phill, loved the way you took us back, that was really good.

    Looking forward to the next one.


    TooT for a RooT :p
    (you know you loved it Phil)
  16. Was good to meet all you blokes.

    Thanks for organizing memphis, it was a good day and we got a couple of twisties in and got a descent meal (once it eventually arrived :LOL:).

    Phil great run through the twisties, you kept a good pace and judging by the lines that the other guys were taking, you must have been having a positive effect. :LOL:

    I was definitely getting alot out of being on the tail of the dragon.

    Oh yeh and thanks for putting up with my run to the video store, it was a very important detour!!! :LOL:

    Cheers fellas, hope to get out on a ride with you lot again soon. :wink:
  17. WHen you guys heading out again? please PM me to let me know. Safe riding cheers.
  18. Yeah, I'll probably try and organise it a little better, with some more notice for others if they wanna tag along, but not sure when the next will be. With Valentines this weekend and all...
  19. Bah put the woman in her place and go on a ride!

    We should all just go on a big ride on valentines day and not get in contact with our significant others at all for the day! :LOL:
  20. This comming from the man who spent most of our last saturday night dinner on the phone to the missus :LOL:

    Also depends on what happens tonight. Got a few mates comming around, so an early ride might not be (Safe) :wink:

    I'll post up later this evening.