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[NSW] Runaway road toll blamed on rise in motorcycle use

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jimmyz, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/drive/runaway-road-toll-blamed-on-rise-in-motorcycle-use-20091120-iqva.html

    Why do they not include the relevant proportions?

    Based on those figures in 2008 13.7% of total fatalities were motorcycles, based on 2009 figures 15.6% were motorcycles.

    Without the rest of the stats its difficult to comment on whether or not that deviation in the proportion is significant, but I would expect it to be insufficient to place blame on motorcyclists.

    If these are the kind of statistical exercises leading to govt. decisions then its no wonder the road toll doesn't improve.

  2. My back of napkin calculations suggest that 80% of the increase in road toll is a result of 4 wheel incidents.
  3. 31.5% attributable to 2wheels 23% powered. In the other thread in General discussion
  4. A reasonable person with a moderate IQ level would think the reason might not be just speed then and realizing that there are lots of other factors that result in accidents and road fatalities. Decrease the speed even to walking speed and you’ll still have some accidents and fatalities.
    On the other hand, It's so naive blaming PTW for increase road fatalities. IMHO people should realize that you can’t diminish all road accidents and fatalities. While you can try to minimize the level of risk for road users, it’s uncontrollable in its nature and things can go wrong in a split of a second. Ultimately road users must realize that driving, riding.. involve a degree a risk.
  5. Soames Job is an incompetent arsehole.

    He should be in the state Labor party, not the RTA, where he can do more damage.
  6. Don't give him Ideas Bonk!
  7. He seems to lack ideas and any sort of competency to go with it.

    Perfect candidate for federal liberal membership.
  8. Nah, the state labor government was funnier.