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[NSW] Ruling puts all speed camera pictures in doubt

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by incitatus, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Oh, I love that!

    Next, I can see advertisements in the Jobs Guide:

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  2. SMH article

    Yeah, I wanted to post this in that GD thread for that guy who was snapped by a camera riding with a suspended licence, but I can't find the thread...

    I'd like to say I want to see the RTA pay back all the fines since 1999 because I hate speed cameras, and the lies about why they are there [they do NOT "save lives"].
    ... however - despite all the revenue raising the cameras do, for cash that is NOT spent on improving roads or driver training; I know that those programs are where the sacrifice would come from if the fines had to be paid back.

    In addition, plenty of people caught by cameras deserved it, and quite frankly are stupid enough to earn a fine if they speed past a sign-posted camera.

    - and seeing as the RTA needs to catch up 70% of it's road repair & upgrade plan, I'd rather see the potholes near my house get filled in, than people with SS Commodores get a cheque for $165
  3. keh???? My previous road-based passion. Still got her.
  4. Nothing will come of it.
    They will just change the law to plug the hole.
    Its just local district court anyway, it will be overturned.

    I mean they changed the law to make cameras missing the antitamper signature from the corner valid, they are adicted to the cash and will do anything it takes to protect it.