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[NSW] RTA Registration Check Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Shakows, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I am looking at buying a bike in NSW and cant seem to find the answer to this question

    After doing a REVs check that came back okay, I did a check on the RTA site

    The bike came back with

    # The vehicle is listed on the RTA Written-off Vehicle Register.
    # This vehicle is not recorded as a statutory write-off.

    I did a search and found

    But that just added to the confusion, but I am right in saying that if it's "not recorded as a statutory write-off" does this mean the bike was listed as a repairable write and repaired?

    Thats the only obvious explanation I can think off
  2. Correct - want to be cheap, as will be hard to sell again.

    What sort of discount off a "non written off" one?
  3. It means the bike is listed as a repairable write of.
    which doesnt mean much btw considering what oem parts are worth.
    But it does require a better going over and seeing what was repaired/replaced.
  4. Well its cheap but not cheaper enough considering it was a repairable write off, esp when the owner has not stated that on either Ebay or Bike Sales

    He wants $8600 on Bikes sales and ebay is up 2 $7500 with 4 days 2 go, so its probably a no go :(
  5. dont buy it
  6. thats one dodgey deal.

    Summers here bro you will find something easy enough that hasnt been pwned in an accident.


    Thumbs up for doing the check yourself, did they include the vin/chas number in the description or did u have to request it via pm?
  7. He had it up on the Ebay page, says he is the first owner so either thats not the truth or he is not saying its been in an accident

    Its a great deal a 2006 R6 for low $8K but as they say if its 2 good 2 be true then it probably is
  8. Nothing wrong with a repaired writeoff as long as it is repaired properly! After all, a standing still fall can write some of the newer bikes off straight away!
  9. I'll second what speedy said.

    Ask about receipts.
  10. I wouldn't have a problem with if the guy had been upfront about it

    But if you only find out doing your checks, then I start to think he has something to hide