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[NSW] RTA Motorcyclist Survey

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by vogstar, May 14, 2012.

  1. Here is a detailed survey for motorcyclists to complete from the RTA.
    It covers most of what we want the suits want to know but probably could have had more room for explainations.


    I ask you to pass this around to other motorcyclist and any clubs etc if you are part of them. Anything where we motorcyclists are being asked opinions and questions I think is a step in the right direction. Maybe the TAC needs some direction.

  2. did this survey last week.....very easy to follow and can be very helpful to have our voice heard.............
  3. Done. Thanks for the link...
  4. Some good questions:

    What is your greatest concern in relation to riding a motorcycle safely?
    Please select one answer
    Other road users not seeing motorcycle riders
    Inattention of other drivers
    Aggressive behaviour of drivers of other vehicles
    Heavy traffic/congestion
    Poor road design
    Poor road surfaces (e.g. cracks, pot holes, loose gravel)
    Weather conditions (e.g. wet roads, sun glare)
    Too few police on road / Lack of police enforcement
    Other motorcycle riders
    Other (Please specify)

    Which of the following factors do you personally think is mainly responsible for motorcycle crashes?
    Please select one answer
    Rider inexperience
    Rider behaviour e.g. speeding
    Driving behaviour of motorists
    External factors such as road conditions and weather
    Other (Please specify)
    Not sure

    Who, in your view, is responsible for the safety of motorcycle riders?
    Please select one answer
    Motorcycle riders
    Car drivers
    Both – car drivers and motorcycle riders have responsibility

    What, in your view, can be done to improve safety for motorcycle riders?
    Please type in your answer
  5. Those speed questions seem very similar to those asked in a few Vic surveys short time ago..

    RESULT? Our latest TAC ad.....

    Hope they have more brains nth of the border?????????
  6. Do not do this survey as the TAC had similar ones in the past, guess which survey results they used for their latest offering they served up as an ad?
    Learn from the Victorians, assist these arseholes as little as possible.
  7. I reckon the majority of the people that fill these surveys out are people who don't even ride
  8. Thats the problem with not filling it out i think. I hear what smee is saying but they will get some results anyway and it will be skewed to non riders.

    They should just post it to license holders with a registration rather than some unscientific net poll.
  9. Then FFS, say you NEVER SPEED!

    Better still, steer away.....................................................................:arrow:
  10. Too late I already did mine ;(

    Whats with the survey software though, the NSW RTA get money for people who take the surveys?
  11. The results of a voluntary survey are entirely meaningless. I have no idea what they are trying to achieve.
  12. It's done so somebody can make some pie and bar graphs, put it up on a projector and talk about it for an hour to people who are only at the meeting for the free lunch..
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  13. I did that. That is an obvious trap.
  14. One question that bothered me is 'what do you think is the main cause of motorcycle accidents?'

    Other road user's behaviour
    Rider Inexperience?
    Rider behaviour? (speeding)
    External factors such as road surface and weather.
    and so on.

    That question is clearly a trick question to ensure a conclusion that more anti-speeding ads are required no matter what answer people give.
  15. It's a trap.
  16. If the survey is not conducted by a pro motorcycle representative group then it should not be completed by anyone that rides a motorcycle.

    No good can come from this survey.

    Will it create fewer restrictions and more freedoms for people that ride motorcycles? No.

    Will it create fewer restrictions and more freedoms for people that drive cars? No. Most of us drive cars too.
  17. I told them to cross reference phone records and toll gate records to put cagers in prison for texting while driving....
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  19. I did the survey but selected "don't know" if I didn't like the premise of the question or thought I was being lead.

    I was particularly concerned about alcohol related questions and motorcycle safety device questions. Both seem to indicate they are forming a argument for mandating these things.

    There were also questions on protective clothing.