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NSW RTA forgets motorcycles again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Psycho Biker, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. via the MCC list:
    (all apostrophe abuse was committed by the original poster)

    For all those who don't know there is an RTA campaign to get people
    (16-30yo's), to create a slogan and *BLING* up some sketchy composed
    scenes, for an upcoming billboard and magazine safety campaign....
    Naturally they've forgotten motorcyclists exist so.. we just have to
    hijack it!!

    Now here is the hijack part... I've made two motorcycle related ad's..

    The more people who go to these links and vote my ads favorably (like
    10's), the more chance we have of getting the Ad's published...

    If you can do a better one great, post up the link when it's done and
    we'll have more motorcycle ads to vote for!! Honestly there is not a
    lot to work with so...



    It's an easy way for motorcycles to get safety ads out of the RTA budget
    and one of us might even win a prize!!
  2. There you go mate two 10's.
  3. The link is to the main page; which one of the dozens of them are your's???
  4. the motorcycle related ones, but the links should've taken you straight to them. They do take a while to go to the correct page.
  5. 2 more 10's here
  6. And 2 more - and if I get time I'll try to compose a couple more bike-related ads and post links here too. Good call on raising the visibility...
  7. I've submitted one, just waiting for it to be approved. I also voted for both of yours.
  8. 2 more 10's. You could trade that Yaris in on a nice bike if you win !
  9. 2 x 10's :wink:
  10. let us know when it's up and I'll post it up on some other forums for you and give you a 10 of course :cool:
  11. done

    even though i've neard heard the words 'pimpin' and 'toyota yaris' in the same sentenct before
  12. done one too
  13. An other 20...
    With this many 10's right off teh bat, and an average raiting of 7.3 & 7.4 i can tell that some people don't want to hear teh motorbike message

    BTW You didn't look one deserved the 10... not sure about the wording on your cutting the corner one.
  14. They were sitting on 8 before. Unfortunately we don't have the numbers of cars to get the message heard. A killing spree usually gets attention, and I've got spare 'knives, and stabbing weapons'.. :LOL: (name that movie)
  15. Yes, but can you form complex parts, like machines? :cool:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. I just gave them both 10s and they are now at 7.1.

    Maybe we should rate all the others 0, think that would help?
  17. You got my vote , 2X10 .
  18. Hey,
    like your work,
    the more we can get tin top driver to look out for riders the better,

    10 + 10.