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NSW RTA: a great example of public service

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ghibli, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys
    bought a 250cc bike with NSW plates last month. Cancelled the NSW rego (9 months to go) and registered the bike in the ACT, where I live. Sent the paperwork to the RTA to get a refund on the remaining 9 months of registration. They sent me a letter last Friday.
    GET THIS: the registration fee is not refundable!!
    They wrote:
    "Refunds are calculated on the number of days remaining on the registration after the surrender of the number plate and only on the amount of motor vehicle tax that was paid at the time of registration. Only the current owner of the motorcycle is entitled to a refund, therefore a $24 fee is deducted from any refundable amount to transfer the vehicle into your name. A $21 cancellation fee is deducted from any amount refundable. The amount refundable is less than the amount required for the cancellation and transfer fees, therefore no refund can be granted in this case."
    9 months registration down the drain, they just keep the money!
    Does anyone know of any appeal/tribunal system I can appeal against this great example of public service?
    I know the amount involved would not be great, but I just don't think this is an honest way to deal with the public.

  2. No, sorry.

    Nice to see another ACT rider, though!
  3. WTF .. ok i see your point about the RTA BS but why on earth are you claiming a refund on the reamainder 9 months? You didnt pay for the rego for that time frame.

    Guy you brought the bike off is the one that has the right to make a claim if he didn't / doesn't then tough luck his lose or just plain doesnt care.

    Jeez we all know you can kiss your money goodbye when purchasing a bike with other state rego.

    Love it when lookin @ bikes in Vic & part of the sales push is there is x amount of rego on it. My reply ... dont mean shit to me, have 2 rereg in nsw. Shuts them up real quick

    OH & another thing, if you didnt bargin that fact into the price of bike then more fool you.
  4. Half the rego is a processing tax, which they dont refund.
    Theres only like $50 refundable anyway for a bike, then they take the processing fee, so yeah theres nothing left.

    However you can clain the outstanding greenslip (minus processing fee) they are about $300 to $600 so are worthwhile.
    Find which company did the greenslip and contact them.
  5. Dude, the rego fee for a motorbike for a year in NSW is $49.

    Motor vehicle tax is $46. The $46 is the refundable bit. So yeah, fair enough.
  6. Another thing is you didn't pay for the registration the previous owner did.
    Secondly most of the cost of rego is 3rd party or whetever form of insurance it is in nsw .
    You diodn't pay it so you are not entitled to it.
    The amount of the registration component as Kaer pointed out is a pittance so I don't really see a problem here.
  7. When you buy a bike, car etc you also transfer the rego if there is any, so you do pay for the rego.

    Bummer though.
  8. This is one thing to factor in when purchasing bike interstate.
  9. state thing. in nsw you register for 12 months, while in some other states you can register your vehicle in different time periods. 6 month 12 month etc ..
  10. even if you got the refund, it would only be 72 bux. which isnt the entitled amount anyway.

    why didnt you just keep NSW rego?

  11. the registration applies to the vehicle - much to the dismay of anyone who owns more than one vehicle and therefore can't drive both at the same time but still has to pay full rego for both.

    If you buy a vehicle from ANY state, you are now the owner of the registration, regardless of who paid for it initially. Saying otherwise is the same as you buying my car, and then me saying I have a right to sell the engine out of it!

    You as the new owner can claim the ctp and registration back minus fees if you want it cancelled - whether or not it is worth the time and effort to do this is up to the individual.
  12. And just what state are you in Bonox?

    You cant claim a refund on previous owner ctp because rta dont even want to know you until you have your OWN ctp, no matter if your transferring rego, new rego what ever.

    With 9 months left on it previous owner would have to bloody stupid if he didnt apply for a refund from his ctp company.

    Rego for bike in NSW is pretty cheap really,
    Reg Fee $49
    Motor veh Tax $47
    Your major cost is CTP
    Rest is stamp duty & or plate issue (if new or transfering)

    So what in the above figures does the new owner have a right to claim

    NONE - because its all tax coffers

    Now if were talking about transfer of your licence from one state to another then YES you can claim a refund
  13. nsw - and i've done it buying nsw bikes on a vic license, vic bikes on a nsw license and qld bikes on a nsw license.
  14. wrote letters to the insurance companies, including certified copies of receipts and previous registration documents, and they refunded the pro rata bits minus fees. Happened three times, two different companies, three different states.

    I've never tried to recover rego though.
  15. Whats your licence got to do with it? NOTHING, Who cares.

    Topic is / was this dude wanted to claim a refund on rego (which is basically a tax) when he cancelled nsw reg & reg it in ACT, & because he did that, its treated as a new registraion anyway.

    He's complaining about 9 months rego down the drain .. HE DIDNT PAY IT intially, not entiled to it.

    Either way even if he did keep the nsw rego, he still would have to show HIS OWN ctp to RTA before he could have transfered into his name.
  16. How the hell can you claim a refund thats not even your policy.
  17. you were complaining about not being able to recover the costs involved in the registration, the major one being ctp (or the equivalent vicroads TAC bit).

    I merely pointed out that I was able to recover significant portions of it, even though I wasn't a citizen of that state at the time and therefore could NOT have transfered rego in order to recover the ctp anyway! - how hard can it be!

    Never said you could recover taxes - only the premiums, AND i acknowledged that recovering registration is not worth my effort. Also not saying anything about needing ctp for the new state! I just paid for my new rego using proceeds recovered from the last state. Better than money down the drain, especially after you convinced the seller that you wouldn't see it again :)
  18. I might agree with you if i'd ever had problems, but insurance policies for motor vehicles are specifically attached to VIN numbers - but i've never had an issue with getting a refund after proving that I owned the VIN. Perhaps the right person looked at my letters, nevertheless it happened three times, one of which was TAC - notionally a faceless entity unlike the specified insurance companies involved in the nsw/qld ctp scheme.
  19. Oh ok have my words just been twisted or is bonox missin the main point of the subject ...

    So ok for argument sake, going by what your saying, if I brought your house i'm able to claim on your insurance should I move it to another state? .. I THINK NOT ..
  20. the world is full of those who say it can't be done - they are quietly ignored by those who just go out and do it!

    you go your way, i'll go mine...
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