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NSW- royal national park, oil.

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Casabonka, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. What a dick!
  2. How could someone even think of doing that!

  3. You have to give massive credit to the emergency response team. Driving to an emergency on a twisty bit of road covered in oil at night at emergency speeds must be a daunting task and require balls of steel.
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  4. Could've been a lot worse outcome had people just found it early this morning... Idiots...
  5. Not to mention is a National Park,the fine for dumping would be a lot,we share the planet with these numb nuts.
  6. Wonder of that would go down in insurance as someone else's fault.
  7. I'll never understand the mentality of some people........bloody breeders.....degenerate breeders.....
  8. "I'd throw everything at them; everything short of attempted murder. We could have lost a couple"

    Why rule out attempted murder? IMO sabotage to a public road is deliberately trying to kill someone.
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  9. It would be disturbing if someone out there may be targeting motorcyclists. Unfortunately some people do not understand the consequences of a motorcycle accident.
  10. This has been mentioned on NR before hasn't it? Some clown deliberately putting oil on a road that motorcyclists like to ride?
  11. Happened at Bathurst not too long ago, a local put oil down at a corner when a bunch of guys were camping around McPhillamy I think.
  12. There was a resident that lived on a twisty section of the Adelaide Hills that didn't like bikes, over a period there was oil, spikes and even wire accross the road. There were a number of people who would have liked to have found out who the culprit was.
  13. i live like 15min away from there.. Wow what assholes... i hope they find the pricks
  14. And charge the cnuts with conspiracy to murder.
  15. Saw this on SMH this morning. Scumbags.
  16. The mainstream media are dickheads, there is no way any kind of street racer, car enthusiast, motorcyclist or anyone who finds any kind of passion in internal combustion would pour 40L of oil over the RNP.

    If anything it is an angry local who is pissed off that everyone comes to their area with their big exhausts and speeds through their backroads.

    ****ing always putting it on the enthusiasts, this guy is clearly targeting us, he did it on saturday night, when do people go for a drive or a ride? ****ing sunday.
  17. Saturday night you mean. Definitely Saturday night. I'd be inclined to say a local too if it weren't for the fact that there are no locals for at least 10 km by road in any direction.