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[NSW] Royal Australian Navy Freedom of Entry March

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Salty, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Just a heads up for next Saturday's Freedom of Entry March through Sydney. Details of times and route can be found here:
    This will be the largest amount of naval personnel marching through Sydney since the WWII Victory in Japan march in 1945.

    And for those interested in seeing a good portion of the fleet enter and anchor in Sydney Harbour information can be found here:

  2. i dont really understand.... the link doesnt say what a freedom of entry is?

    are we being invaded? :?
  3. This close to Mardi Gras - must be a gay thing.
  4. moved to Off Topic !
  5. Yeah, I thought the same, but apparently its exercising their right to freedom of entry ! . . . . what ever that means.

    I think its another cash grab by the State Government. We all know how Sydneysiders go ga-ga whenever large ships enter the harbour. :LOL:

    I see the harbour everyday, it get a little boring seeing the same ships and ferries. It would be a good sight to see the majority of the fleet moored in the harbour.

    Then again, it is a week out from Mardi-Gras. Its definitely strategic cash grabbing . . . . those who attended Mardi-Gras will stay a little longer to see the sthailors, thus injecting more money in the local economy. :LOL:
  6. If it's the process I'm thinking it's an age old gesture that allows them to parade through the streets bearing arms and colours. Or something like that.
  7. Like bikies?
  8. Yes, I believe it is.
    It is something that we don't see that common in Australia as compared to Europe for instance where it happens weekly and in some instances daily !
  9. I was thinking a similar thing, but more entry into a port by the ships.
  10. The increase of military personel and hardware in Sydney also means one thing . . . . THE INCREASE OF PROTESTING HIPPIES !!!
  11. If they're bearing colours, will they be refused service in Western Suburbs pubs?
  12. No, bearing colours is fine.

    However being coloured...

    That's inappropriate, I'm sorry.
  13. Looks pretty awesome, you would definately get your moneys worth doing a harbour chopper tour. Best thing is all the flybys happen before I start work :)

    On a side note that info page is great but the random dental photo at the bottom of the page is wtf!

    Cheers for that.
  14. It's an age old tradition for all military forces that used to have a real meaning.

    In todays time the 'challenges' between the Commanding Officer and usually the Mayor or chief of police end with the statement.

    Or something to that effect, It's been awhile since I was a participant in one of these ...... excuses to wear the uniform and find the closest pub :twisted:

    The only other times you found me in uniform while 'off duty' was ANZAC day or when it was mandatory in some ports [ that was a dead giveaway that somewhere in time, someone had being naughty in that port, so the wearing of the uniform was for identification purposes :LOL: ]