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(NSW) route comments wanted syd - north coast

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by waffles, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. So,
    This wednesday or thursday I am expected in Alstonville.

    I'm in Sydney, I have one day to do it.

    This is the route I'm thinking of here

    comments would be great, big kays don't worry me, I think I'll need a new rain suit though, judging by the forecast.

    a good opportunity to wind the 9r out (wednesday at least, bugger double demerits) (not that I would ever consider speeding:angel:).

    whatever I do I'll probably reverse on monday to get home.

    what better way to wear in a new chain and sprockets!

    Also, I hate freeways, and the pac hwy specifically.
  2. thats a pretty good route but i would be a bit concerned about fuel stops, where to stop for a rest and so on (i would do it over 2 days)
  3. You're riding north and you're MISSING Thunderbolt's Way AND the Oxley???????
  4. Goz:
    fuel in Singleton, Gloucester, Armidale, Grafton, Alstonville.
    Longest section is 211 km, easily inside the 9r's range.

    I'm doing thunderbolts from Gloucester to Uralla, doesn't that count?
    and re the oxley, I had sort of thought it was too far out of the way, but how is this for the way home?
    obviously that would take a slight adjustment of fuel stops...
  5. sorry, yes of course, missed the Thunderbolt's bit

    yes, the Oxley is a bit far out of the way for this trip, but worth doing on a separate journey :).
  6. probably the trip is done by now, but just noticed part of the trip up through the pobolkin state forest is dirt road in those twisties, google tried to send me there rather than the putty road when looking at a planned trip too