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[NSW] Rosehill near M4 turn off - Sink Hole

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Siwagod, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Google Maps: -33.819114,151.020456

    Left lane just outside exit for KFC just before McDonalds heading away from James Ruse Drive.

    Massive pothole about half a metre wide and easily 20-30cm deep. Very hard to see at night, hit it at about 30kmph last week in my car resulting in a flat and a small buckle in the rim on 17's.

    Bike hitting it would definitely result in a crash.

    Keep well to the right of the lane 'til you are passed McDonalds.
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  2. Nasty.

    I target fixated on a biggish one (not that big though) on showground rd castle hill on Saturday.

    Only just missed it.
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    Doing a bit of stalking, but surprised I didn't notice this post before.

    I hit that bastard in the Calais at about 20km/h front right, front left.
    No flats or rim damage, but I could feel that the alignment was way out.
    I had it aligned a few days later and can't remember the figures, but they said it was real bad.
    They even had to adjust the caster.
  4. Not surprised at all. I went back past it on the weekend with the missus during the day and slowed right down to stare at it and hope it feels bad. Was like looking into the depths of a Sarlac.

    I'm amazed the council hasn't repaired it yet seeing as it's in such a heavy traffic flow area. I suppose they won't do anything until a biker comes off because of it and then sues the city for lost childhood and PTS.
  5. This sounds like a job for captain pothole ...

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  6. Hahaha. How do we summon this Captain?
  7. Captain Pot Hole should put a date on there so people can see just how long it takes council to get of their fat ar$e and actually do something.