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NSW: rope towing legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by d7b, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Cant seem to find any law on the RTA against it, never heard anything about it either. I just know it's legal in NZ.

    need to get my bike to the next suburb tonight and the terrain and road is quiet and empty. worth the risk?
  2. all good, yes it is legal provided these provisions are met:

    If a motorcycle is being towed by another vehicle, with a towline (chain, rope, fabric,
    strap or wire), the distance between the two vehicles must not exceed 2.5 metres.
    If the towline is longer than 2 metres, a white or brightly coloured flag, piece of cloth
    or other similar material must be attached to the line as a warning.
  3. Isn't there also a requirement that you be an unrestricted driver/rider as well? Might be OK if you are on your Provisionals...

    Certainly it is the case for the Tow driver/rider. Not sure about the Towee.

    Fun Ha!
  4. My understanding for a long time has been that any sort of rope tow on public streets is illegal, and that the use of a solid drawbar is required.
  5. That's what I was told but the RTA site doesn't back that up...
  6. You gota do what you gota do,set the rope as close to the middle as possible with a loop
    and have the end in your hand so if it goes pearshaped you let go and dont get dragged.
    Just go slow with a slight drag on the brake to keep tension on the rope,good luck
  7. Definitely ok.

    Place a tek screw in the bumper of the towing vehicle, and tie packaging string onto it, then tie the other end to the brake-reservoir on the motorcycle.

    But, as the rules state: do not let the string be more than 2.5 metres long.
  8. definitely legal (cop drove by laughing at me and said 'take it easy!' at the lights)

    thanks for all your advice, was scarier than i thought it would be (probably because of my nutcase driver. thank god my brakes still worked)
  9. Talking about rope towing on Tuesday night while working I saw a van being towed by a fwd with a bed sheet tied to a pillow case. I was waiting for it to snap but it didn't and they got to where they wanted. Had a good laugh.
  10. wow, I was always told its completely illegal, and out of all the shit that you can't do these days I can't beleive that this would actually be legal... In my P plate days me and my mates would regulary blow diffs, gearboxes and driveshafts etc in our cars, so we'd race home and get mums car and the trusty rope and flat tow the thing home. The difference was that it was usually very late at night and never long distances (usually from one of the industrial zones rofl).

    The one tip I can give is that if your in a car and its able to start, do it and just leave it in neutral. That way your power assisted brakes work and power steering if u have it.
  11. honestly mate, i have to totally agree.

    This was information from the original motorcycle manual you get for your L's or P's. Not sure (I cant remember any of the rules...i was amazed :) )

    All the absolutely stupid laws we get put through in NSW like we are in kindergarden and you can rope tow? It just shows you that the people writing these laws are utter twits who have probably never ridden a motorcycle and thought: 'well if water skiing is legal...'

    anyway, I am kind of glad. It seems like this is the last bastion of laws that allows us to feel like adults on motorcycles? lane splitting/filters.... ](*,)
  12. It's sort of legal in NSW but I will say this. It is extremely dangerous and the rope should be a minimum of 5 metres long. Make sure you and the driver have a set of hand signals and actions that are understood.
    Always keep the tow rope tight, even when braking. Any rope or webbing has a lot of stretch, and can build a lot of kinetic energy in a big hurry.
    Personally, I wouldn't rope tow a motorcycle more than a block, it's just far too dangerous and it's just cheaper (if you consider what damage you can easily do) and safer to go hire a trailer or van somewhere.
    The legalities are that the vehicle being towed should have full braking capacity available (which in a car with boosted brakes means a running engine) and full steering control (again, running engine if power steered), plus fully functional lights.
    Towing a bike, as I said, is just plain dangerous and I wouldn't do it, ever. A bike turns in a radically different way to a car and won't obediently follow a car, it needs to lean to turn and a tow rope will either prevent it from leaning, or pull it over too soon.
    Go try it with a pushbike, it's scary.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I really think it was quite easy and fun. I have been riding bikes my whole life and thit is is easy within the capactiy of any experienced rider who has a mate to tow them who isn't an idiot.

    My mate heard all my commands through and open window and saw my hand signals clearly (mostly a thumbs up as it was funny riding 'the silent bike' where all i heard was the wind past my helmet)

    The drivers around me, although smirking, were very accommodating (i know...in Sydney!??! who would have thought). Surely not as safe as transport ona ute but I didn't have that option as i needed it in a workshop ASAP.

    So conclusion: Yes legal, Very Easy with a small risk of danger (as the post said above, it might seem difficult to a novice so i wouldn't bother! get a ute!!). I would recommend it to an experienced rider if absolute necessary. I covered about 16km and didn't feel the slightest risk at all.

    now my bike has a new power plant and flies, i wont need a tow in a long time :D
  14. Don't know about NSW but I know it's illegal here in Vic ,