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[NSW] Robertson Pie shop, Sun Dec 3rd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Hey folks,
    I thought i'd do it the proper way now and post it in the calender.

    Tomorrow - 3/12/06, weather permitting !!

    Robertson pie shop.

    Meet at Uncle Leos Truckstop at Crossroads Casula at 8:30am.

    The DOCNSW, Ducati NSW people are th...

    ... more

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  2. 8:30 at Casula equates to {when??} at the Robbo Pie Shop? I'd love to join in on part of this at least....
  3. See you there.
  4. I will be down that way, heading through nashy to the Pie shop. may see you enroute, give us a wave if you see a blue zzr.
  5. Weather looks grim.
    Waiting for my ADF contact :wink: :wink: :wink: , to provide weather forecast.
    news.com.au says its clearing.

    I'll take the punt and go ahead.

    I'll SMS those who I know are riding today.
  6. TAF YSSY 021646Z 1818 17020G30KT 9999 LIGHT SHOWERS OF RAIN SCT015 BKN025 FM00 17020G30KT 9999 SCT020 SCT040

    Translation: Sydney - before 11am, wind gusting 30 knots(55k's), light showers, broken cloud 2500 feet. After 11am wind gusting 30 knots(55k's), no rain, scattered cloud. Therefore, clearing about 11am.

    TAF YSNW 021644Z 1712 20008KT 9999 LIGHT SHOWERS OF RAIN SCT010
    BKN025 FM23 17012KT 9999 SCT020 SCT030

    Translation: Nowra - before 10am, light wind, light showers, broken cloud 2500 feet. After 10amwind slightly stronger, no rain, scattered cloud.

    I'm still a go. Could be a little moist but any rain we hit shouldn't( :oops: ) be too substantial.
  7. . . . . . THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO !
  8. Good fun today guys. Attendees: MickyB(Duke Monster), Jay(Duke Monster), Phil(KLE trail), moi(CBR600). The Ducati owners club had about 120 bikes there which was a sound to behold. To my eyes, some god awful looking bikes but as long as they are doing more than 20kph, they sound good. Did some nice roads which has given us some ideas for some future rides.

    Phil and I felt a little out of place stuck in the middle over over 100 Dukes but as I said at one point "I need a bumper sticker that says 'My other bike is a Ducati' " after which Phil said he would add to the end "but it's broken".

    We ended up at a great little Inn at Sutton Forest for lunch, the ride taking over the place. After that Micky and I headed for Macquarie pass and wouldn't you know it, there is always a f^&%ing Camry going slow in the twisty bits. Micky opted for the safe option and didn't try to get around so it was a calm little descent. Then into the Nasho. I have never seen it so quiet of a Sunday arvo. Micky and I hardly saw a car or bike all the way from Stanwell tops through to the Bundeena turnoff. Needless to say, we had a good time. Which made up for missing out on the Pass.

    Was a good fun day. Great to see Jay back so soon after getting back on his feet again.
  9. gegvasco the imposter !!! with his Honda CBRs4R Testateretta ! :p


    there were more Duc's than you can poke a spagehetti at !!! :LOL:



    even ugly ones . .

    and beautiful ones . . ;)
  10. Phil bought out his KLE !!
    It was a Italian bike day and he leaves the Falco at home ! :p

    Now thats what I call helmet-head Gregg !!
    Very Col. Kurtz Apocalyse Now like !! :grin:

  11. Well it was a Ducati meet so obviously looks don't matter that much! :LOL:
  12. Can I just clarify something, please peoples?

    At ANY time on Sunday did ANY riders from the ride to Robertson Pie Shop, actually stop, make a fleeting glance at or acknowledge the existence of said pie shop, and a blue Hornet parked expectantly there-at???
  13. yeah, we noticed it wasn't RED !

    you know, my Duc is RED, Gregg's F4i is RED, we saw many RED bikes . . . its how the brain works . . . :LOL:

  14. I have to admit Gregg, I noticed the F4i throttle is not stuck on 40% throttle anymore !! :wink:

    I was more scared of the cops.
    Notice I braked a few times only to find out it was only a Corolla or a sales-rep Commodore on the side of the road.

    It was a good run ! . . .
  15. Sorry Paul. I thought I had a good look as we went past but I didn't see your bike. It was getting much later than we had originally said as well considering it was sort of a lunch thing and we came through about 3 I think it was. :oops:
  16. See what the strom has done to me.
    CBR600 = Good Gregg.

    V-strom = Good Gregg.
    CBR600 = Bad Gregg.
  17. Well that explains a lot, I was up at the Pie Shop for lunch, silly me :(
  18. We owe you one Paul . . . sorry for keeping you waiting.

    PM me your mob no. for future reference.
  19. Ill have to get me mobile number to micky , spewing i missed the 150 ducatis, a ride with netriders ,a chat with Paul, i wouldn't couldn't go past a pie shop,
  20. no worries Ric !
    There is nothing to miss when talking to the Great Hornet600 !

    Just don't stare at the Draggins Suspenders !