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[NSW] RNP: someone is thinking about us

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Went for a tootle this arvo and what do you know, one of those rent-a-signs, 20 k's from anywhere reading "Watch out for motorcyclists". Brightened my day.

  2. they are everywhere, ive seen heaps, even the signs on the M4
  3. They will be closely followed by a lowering of the speed limit to 10 kph and signs saying "Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Zone", like on the Putty Road, no doubt.....
  4. yeh it wont be long.
  5. Thought that was your black Hyo I passed on the way out at about 4 this arvo...

    Saw the sign too, wondered about the motivation.
  6. I didnt see you. where did we pass? did you beat the rain?

    should have turned around and chased me.
  7. Haha - I was on my way out, just as you would be going downhill after the first boring flat slab. I got a bit of a sprinkle just as I was finishing my coffee at The Palms, so I hussled back out. Had to get to work anyways.

    Thought about calling you for the ride, but just needed some "me" time on the bike. How very emo...

    Could ride Monday if you're keen - Jenolan? Invite also open to anyone else of course...

    What the sign should say is:

    "Watch out for motorcyclists... in your rearvision mirror - and get the f*ck out of the way!!!"
  8. sorry mate got uni. Was on my way home from uni today with the planned detour.
  9. Nice to live so close, ya lucky bugger.

    Any tips on a good route out to Jenolan? Stuff I wouldn't necessarily know about? (Like Mt Kiera Rd the other week...)
  10. someone was thinking of kevin rudd in rose bay the other day....here's what they had to sat

  11. You mean like this one that was on the Hume Highway between Campbelltown and Picton for a while?



  12. How is the hume highway between campbelltown and picton a motorcycle risk zone, unless they mean a risk of falling asleep from boredom.
    Was a big police presence on the tourist roads around picton this weekend though wonder if they are related
  13. Looking at the photos, the so called bends must be way ahead as it looks fairly straight for at least 3-4K
  14. You mean like this one

    No. It just said "Watch out for motorcyclists".
  15. Signs now say "How fast are you going now?... Demerit points apply."
  16. They had a portable one on the road into Maq' pass for a fair few weeks, displaying the new points/fines when they came into place.
    On another note, I dont know if its just a coincidence or my paranoia but whenever im heading back towards the RNP from the Princes Hwy, onto the Old Princess Hwy (and may, or may not be speeding :p) every time I approach those overhead display board type ones... it flashes "Legal limit is 100" hmmmm :?
  17. I think you will find the one on OPH says "Legal limit is 80"
  18. Hmmm, yeah? I havent been down that way in a few weeks so the speed limit isnt fresh in my mind. Regaurdless, I just thought it was strange it flashed the legal limit whenever I was around 10 over or so as I approach them.. perhaps it is just automatically triggered.
  19. Some trigger at 20 over, some at 30. some dont trigger. I'm not sure what purpose they serve, other than to warn people of fog ahead which is reasonably common on the F6.
  20. sunday morning i will see what it takes to trigger 1 :biker: