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[NSW] RNP, it's just crap.

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Ljiljan, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Shocking surface
    Patchwork surface
    Lots of moss, has been there since winter by the look of it - in some places the road is green.

    The only upside was the small volume of traffic, but if that wasn't the case mid-morning on a tuesday I would be particularly put out.

    However, the company at bald hill is always great mid-week, the guys who are regular up there are very friendly and easy to chat to. The hot chocolates aren't too bad either.
  2. Time to sell the house mate and move next to that bloke at Putty :)
  3. Bloody oath. Brb, I just have to check with dad.
  4. yeh he's not too keen on it.
  5. went through yesterday. massive winds are sending debris everywhere. twigs aren't so bad but there were 2 branches lying across the road i couldn't dodge.

    Think one of em snapped under the front but the second may have got me airborne
  6. Move to Berowra, Old Pac is much better (getting more attention from cops though lately)
  7. If coming from sydney ,doing the RNP to waterfalls is ok in winter ..then take the waterfall exit half way threw the RNP ,come out at the HWY turn left and then 2km up the road ...take the old HWY to Bulli pass ,then up the coast road back to Baldhill.
    Bald hill .... cross over the road ,follow to the roadabout ,turn right and old road back to waterfall.
    Keeps your out of the rain forest bit with the moss and crap over the roads.
    Till a good ride with no traffic useing the Old Hwy.
  8. With the exception of about 5 k's it's dead boring though. I'm with you, I normally take the old highway.
  9. Fresh gravel section some where between waterfall and baldhill due to road works, look out for the pathetic little yellow signs, only lasts 1 or 2 km.
  10. I went through RNP -- didnt enjoy the experience at all
  11. I'm a few minutes from the RNP but never go there these days, whether on bike or in car...lousy road conditions, too many people, mad drivers, and then the fuzz are always out and about just looking for a booking. Maybe we should get the train back on????
  12. I haven't done the RNP for a number of years, for all the reasons already stated above. The old highway between Waterfall and the top of Mt Ousley is still great fun, however.
  13. Yeah I dunno aye.. Nasho a bit 50/50 for me
  14. macq pass ftw
  15. In the vehicle in your avatar?
    (sorry :oops: )
  16. Hahhaahahhahaaaaa
  17. Asked for that, didn't I ??