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[NSW] RNP Garie to Waterfall

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by pav021, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. The best section of the nasho is now covered in mud, dirt and dust thanks to unneeded work on the sides of the road, also the rest of the park is continuing to be turned into a patch work of differant road surfaces thanks to poor quality road repairs. There will be blood on the road this weekend...

  2. Quite disgraceful, they want to protect motorists yet they do this ><
  3. Its a national park and probably the second most trafficked on the state. As such, ride with due caution...
  4. Today is the first time I have ever come home from a ride angry, need to find a new stretch of road for my weekly rides.
  5. I usually go down the old highway. Not quite as fun but still has a nice flow to it. Then down Lawrence Hargrave drive over the seacliff bridge. Theres nice nice corners along that road.
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  6. You will find the dirt and dust on road is due to workers cutting bushes and overhangs away from road - and is therefore quite needed. If you go back tomorrow it will probably be gone. I'm guessing you're a fairly new rider?
  7. Depends what you class as new,why?
    I do at least 1 lap of the park, the Garie to waterfall section 3 or 4 times and the old highway between helensburg and waterfall a couple of times every sunday.
  8. New enough that you don't take the presence of dirt and muck in stride and stick to the centre line on the run down the hill. For a rider with enough experience, it shouldn't phase them at all, they would adjust their ride and not let it worry them.

    For maw pass regualars, it's a fairly common occurance. You adjust, slow down a bit and stick to the centre.
  9. The nasho is good ride, i used i live over that way and was regular,
  10. This week there has been more mowing work done, so don't be surprised to see extra debris on the road, especially after the huge winds from last weekend that hung around here until wednesday. The road has been swept in parts and machinery was out on thursday and yesterday.