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[NSW] [RNP] - Don't even bother

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Smokae, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Don't even bother with the RNP anymore. Just went through there and as usual on a Sunday they are thick and fast, only targeting motorcycles.

    3 marked highway patrol
    1 senior sargeant in an unmarked dark blue BMW/Audi or similar
    1 unmarked MOTORBIKE, officer was wearing a "POLICE" RBT style fluoro vest. I could not recognise the model, but it was some kind of upright, modern, sports enduro sort of thing??

    They are also hiding in the driveways too now. They are not bothering with the radar/lidar gun, they simply see you going too fast and pop out after you. Before you mention they are required to get a reading, this is not the case, all they need to do is charge you and if it's challenged in court they submit evidence that it was in their belief you were speeding. Working in a law office I can tell you now even if you are found not guilty - and the only way this will happen is if the police don't bother to show up to court or they fail to file evidence - the RTA will still deduct points and further penalties are on the submission of the prosecuting sargeant.

    Don't bother with it anymore guys, its SNAFU!
  2. On the other hand, you COULD just ride through there sensibly, keep to the speed limit and enjoy the ride. :)
  3. plus one to rc36. they ARE targeting it for a reason - there've been SOOO many bike accidents there in the past year along with quite a few fatalities (i cbf finding stats).

    plus, you could always take a sick day and do it during the week...
  4. It's easiy policed, hence the amount of police there. Its Not that far from a station, They know there is going to be tossers flying through there to fast, because its an easy travel to get to for the riders.

    I find some of the best roads I have ridden, end no where, or turn into dirt eventually. After going gently up and down to reacquaint your self with the road and the lines, your reasonably assured there is no little suprise waiting for you either(At least heading towards the end of it, not the start) There are a few great places around Melbourne (North East), and some genuine fast roads with broad sweepers for that knee down, in good condition, because of the local only traffic conditions. I'd post some but, look north and north east of melbourne. I did find an awesome road inland of Nowra, but I didn't have the bike. It was fun in the SAAB.
  5. Mate I'm relatively new to my unrestricted license and hence riding overall but sticking to 60 around 45'ers is painful.
  6. Fair enough, but, as others have already remarked, if you want to go fast on the road, RNP just isn't the place to do it.
  7. which driveways where? Does it have a 1 marked at the start of it? Thats the only driveway that I know of other than a 4WD road thing. Anyway, the RNP has been hideously overpatrolled on any sunday since the bronze age. Did you get nabbed?
  8. for the occasional out of stater tourists what's "RNP"?
  9. Royal National Park. There was quite a thread about it a while ago.
  10. Royal National Park.
  11. Came through the RNP this afternoon, between 2/4pm... did a few laps.
    Didnt see anything, but I must say... It has been heavily policed the past few months especially, more so then normal. Lilley: Im not sure if its the driveway with the 1 on it. But over the past few months I have seen them, marked and unmarked... hiding in the drive way (Uphill, lefthand corner) a bit before the two 45's heading towards the tops.
  12. I was under the impression NSW highway patrol does not have unmarked road bikes in the fleet.
  13. Will be riding through there next Sunday........
    Cops or no cops, I'll be sticking to the posted limits and still enjoy it...
  14. good luck with that.
  15. No unmarked bikes used for highway patrol duties, however there are a few unmarked dirt bikes that fly around down there on the fire trails, the riders wear Police marked riding gear, might be the bike spotted.
  16. there was a pic posted on here I think it was taken at kiama. Bunch of identical cop bikes and one beside them just plain grey.
  17. well, i guess we've only got ourselves to blame.
  18. No, I was not nabbed, but I sure as hell wasted $10-$15 of petrol on a ride ruined by over policing.

    There are many, many hidden driveways in the National Park. Most of them are on the apex to corners actually so you'll never notice them.
  19. i'm over the Nasho.
    spend 90 minutes riding there from Western Sydney, only to get stuck behind mentally-detached drivers who can't even handle driving at the advised corner speeds. and all the while you're stuck behind them, you have another mentally-detached highway patrol officer hooning after you, stalking you from behind.

  20. haha loki that has happened to me! The prick tailgated me for 3km well under the speed limit, got pissed off and rushed down to another straight hoping to catch me speeding later on. He even did a freaking U-turn when he came at to do said tailgating. Pathetic losers the lot of them.