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[NSW] Riding on closed Roads?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Icefire, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. As we all know theres a few KM's of the Old Pac thats closed, therefor, unpatrolled :D

    What I want to know is, what are the legalities regarding riding/driving on closed roads, if I'm caught on this road or coming off the closed section is there a fine? Points off license?

  2. Don't assume there wont be cops there, I've seen one come out of there.

    Not sure what they'd do if they caught you, probably just tell you to piss off.
  3. They put closed signs up so that people know you can't get through the whole road. People still have houses down that road so they need to use it to get out of there. But all you pretty much see is other riders and cyclists going through it.
    I seriously doubt they would fine you for going down there otherwise it would be easier for the cops to wait there than trying to get people speeding on the old pac.
  4. If there are signs up that say Road Closed and/or barriers up, then yes you can be fined for disobeying the signs.

    What the fine may be or the charge I cannot recall but it is something along the lines of 'failure to obey a direction' or something.

  5. Just say you were going to XX street for XX reason (carry a digital camera, say you are an amatuer photographer. Have an alibi. as long as you're not behiving illegally..... oh wait...) :wink:
  6. Aren't the closed bits of the Old Pac closed because there's big bits of it missing still?
  7. You can be fined if you are there without reasonable excuse, ie: you live or are staying at a place requiring you to go there as it is the only access/egress.

    Drive contrary to notice is the offence.
  8. Meh, I'll just throw my DSLR in the back and say I was getting some photos :D

    Is it actually points off your license or just a fine?
  9. Just like Tweet's comments.
    A closed road if used for right of way, is still probably administered by the local council or road authority. Therefor all laws and regulations would be applied.

    Only roads which are not involved in the above would be immune. But unless you are somewhere out on someones property in whoop whoop, I would think that these things are very few and far between.

    Much better to book a track day if you wanna fang your ride.
  10. I totally understand all normal road rules will apply. Just wondering if I'm risking points by going down there
  11. Disobey traffic control sign if it says no entry or road closed will net you a TIN for $185 and 2 points.
  12. Awesome, thanks for the advise tweet.

    Think I'll give it a miss then :p
  13. i was waiting for someone to post this up :roll:
    if ya gonna do it, please restrain yourself a little and try and be subtle. it'll only be a matter of time till local residents get the shits and brisbane waters hwy patrol crack down on that peice of road.
    they hole where the road had been washed away has been fixed as far as i'm aware. they are just delaying opening it up.

  14. +1
    Dom is right, BW HWP are already keen to nail riders, so don't go inviting them.
  15. I guess they don't mind a little VTR250 hitting up their road :p

    I was wondering what they were doing with that road. It's been months since the incident and the road is still closed :-k

    Edit: It is a bloody nice road though, so i just hope they open it back up soon
  16. maybe yours since ya cant hear it :p
    its been fixed, there is no hole anymore. apparently there are some other cracks which are a bit suspect. waiting on an engineers certification i guess. it could take months, its low proirity since its only a tourist route now.
  17. Please forgive me for this stupid question.
    But what happened to it to force its closure?
  18. This was the road that got washed away during the floods, and a family drove into the gap (or while it was collapsing) and all died.
  19. Myself and some others from here who shall remain nameless unless it's a Monday, went for a little peek up there yesterday, and the re-surfacing on some of the sweeping bends is awesome.

    Scraping pegs left and right on the Aircraft through a few of them.