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NSW riding in bus lanes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bragi0, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. OK, I'd asked a bunch of different bikers and gotten different answers all over the place, so I did the sensible thing and went and asked a mate in the Police. He checked with the boys in highway, and the word is simple. "Bus lanes are ok, but not bus only."

    That's about as official as I can get without actually getting off my arse and reading laws :)
  2. I was actually wondering about that exact question the other day. So all the lanes that are painted red in and around the city are okay for bikes?
  3. It says that in the motorcycle riders handbook. 'Bus only' is just that, and a Bus lane can be used by motorcycles. What I find confusing is the bus lane coming up to a toll, as it says 'Bus and E only'. So is that a bus only lane with an E tag, or a bus lane for E only?
  4. yeah, this is something i want to also find out !

    So I guess the red painted "bus-only" lanes are a no no!
    I have a suspicion of this, thats why I leave the bus-only lane when i see the cameras.

    I do think some clarification is needed.

    I think on bus-only lanes where its part of existing road (ie Parra Rd along Camperdown) - i think its okay to use it. But bus-only lanes such as the T-Way network at Merrylands stretching all the way to the outer south-west, I think thats a definite NO !
  5. now thats interesting !
    I see Taxis and Hire Cars using the red-painted Bus-Only Lanes all the time in the city ! :?
  6. That always confused me. Why hire cars? What makes them so special? How can the cops or a bus lane camera tell the difference between a hire car and a non-hire car? Its insane!
  7. There's a big difference between "BUS LANE" and "BUS ONLY LANE". The former is usually finished in red, and has "BUS LANE" periodically painted on it. The latter will have "BUS ONLY LANE" on a black-and-white sign.

    There's also the matter of turns that are marked "BUS ONLY" or "BUS AND TAXI ONLY"... I'll have to ask about them too.
  8. Interesting thing about bus lanes vs bus only lanes vs bus lanes with signs stating "BUS AND TAXI ONLY"
  9. That was cops being dicks. All fines from that day ended up being overturned thanks to Dr Chesterfield (who has done a lot for motorcycling in NSW).
  10. I think in this case hire cars mean the ones with the HC numberplates.

    But for everyday-joe who wants to challenge this . . . hire car also means the Thrifty Hyundai Getz for $39per day. . . . i think the term is Rental Cars however ! :?
  11. Mostly you can use it to infer the difference between the lane types, and that if the sign doesn't SPECIFICALLY indicate motorcycles you're not allowed.
  12. I think that stretch is actually Bus Lane, not Bus Only - therefore should be safe to use. However there is also a bus lane camera (pointed down the hill heading west) and since I'm not 100% sure what the story is, I prefer to stay safe and stick to regular lanes. I would love to know for sure... I use that stretch of the road quite often and being able to jump onto bus lane would certainly make life simpler.
  13. No the law is really simple.

    Bus Lanes = Motorcycles allowed.
    Bus Only Lanes = No bikes.

    The case you were quoting was cops doing illegal fining, and as such was overturned. The riders were legally doing the correct thing.

    Dr Chesterfield just managed to overturn all the fines in one go, rather than each rider having to take it to court individually to overturn it.
  14. I use that stretch fairly often and Taxi's are always in the bus lanes there so (given what has been previously been posted from the RTA website) I would say its a safe bet that its okay for Motorcyles.
  15. Didn't you know.....ALL road laws were deemed advisory only for Cabbies years ago. That is why they are such good road users and SO predictable.
  16. fyi, hire-cars come with a driver and tend to have HC plates as mentioned before. Things you hire without a driver are called rentals.
  17. There are plenty of red "Bus Lanes" which are fine for motorcycles to use. Those ones on parramatta rd through broadway and camperdown, and the ones over the hardbour bridge to name a few. "Bus Lanes" are ok for buses, taxis, hire cars, motorcycles.

    "Bus Only" lanes are a different thing all together and are quite a bit more rare around the inner city. You often find them when there are "B" lights. I.e. A bus only lane that leads through traffic lights will often have a "B" light which only a bus can proceed through on green.

    Either way its not confusing, they are well signposted, you just need to read them.

    Oh, and dont worry about those cameras on parramatta rd, you are fine.

    Another good indicator is if you see taxis in a particular bus lane, its ok for you to be there. But a lot of taxis are knobs so who knows.

    JUST TO CLARIFY - Red paint does not mean it is a "Bus Only" lane

    There are plenty of bus lanes around which are painted red and fine for motorcycle use.
  18. It worries me that some of you that own a motorbike - don't even know your road rules....

    Maybe you should all download a copy (for free) from the rta website
    :arrow: Motorcycle rider handbook (MRH)
    :arrow: Australian road rules
    :arrow: Road users handbook
    ALL are free downloads from the RTA website

    [well more than ok its legal!]
    [yes that is illegal]
  19. Most of the drivers don't know them either :p