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Nsw Riders Online Knowledge Test (will You Pass)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Lets see how many people have forgotten the road rules (specialy the older generation riders)

    Should be interesting to see everyones results

    If you're not from NSW, give it a go anyway



  2. Too easy


    Congratulations, you have passed the On-line Demonstration Driver Knowledge Test.
    To maintain your good knowledge of road safety and keep up-to-date with changes in road rules, please read the latest handbooks regularly.The handbooks are available from the RTA website (www.rta.nsw.gov.au ) or can be purchased from a motor registry.
    General Knowledge 15 / 15
    Road Safety Essentials
    Fatigue and Defensive Driving 2/2
    Intersections 2/2

    Negligent Driving 2/2
    Pedestrians 2/2
    Rider Safety 3/3

    Speed Limits 3/3
    Traffic Lights 1/1
    Traffic Lanes 1/1
    Alcohol 3/3
    Drugs 1/1 20 / 20
    Type of Test : MOTORCYCLE TEST
    Date : 10/11/2012
    Time : 12:39 AM to 12:50 AM
    Test Result : Pass
    Traffic Signs
    Regulatory Signs 5/5
    Warning Signs 5/5
    10 / 10
    Questions incorrectly answered
    Click here to view the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) questions and description of the codes given here.
    (English only)

    [​IMG] have_another_go_button. book_a_test_now_button_down.
  3. Meh. I got a piece of plastic certifying that I passed at some point in the past, authorizing me to use public roads in the present and future. I only submitted myself to the test cause Police exist, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered then; absolutely no incentive to bother with it now...
  4. 100 %,but fcuk that was lame.
  5. i was upto like early 30's in the questions...only had 2 wrong...then the site fcuked up - typical government bs...nothing works
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  6. lame as it is, thats the actual test when applying for a licence, hook turns are lame near your cafe latte ducati cafes
  7. Yep.
    It cracks me up when I hear shock horror reports of an "un licensed"driver being caught.
    All that means is he hasnt paid the tax---got nothing to do with riding/driving ability.

    All the numpties think is-my god,how dangerous.
  8. keep winding Goz
  9. Pretty much... Don't pay a parking ticket, and guvment decrees you have suddenly lost your ability to drive/ride... Get a fine for driving unregistered vehicle, and when you pay for the rego later they backdate it, but you won't get your fine refunded, etc. etc.
  10. #10 Vertical C, Nov 10, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2012
    Statistically an unlicensed driver is more likely to crash.

    Edit: "never licensed" drivers are 7.5 times more likely than licensed drivers to have a property damage only crash (and thats probably low due to under reporting)

  11. Statistics is a correct sum of incorrect data.
  12. Provide a source
  13. Absolutely! :)

    In old Soviet Union, statistics showed that entire population can afford to have cabbage rolls for lunch all the time... The actual data showed that 10% of the population can afford meat and rice all the time, and 90% can afford the cabbage all the time ;)
  14. You didnt source that.

    And it didnt make sense, because the poeple that could afford meat could afford cabbage therefore 100% could afford cabbage, so the "statistic" is true according to your statement.

    Edi assuming cabbage is cheaper than meat
  15. Same here - almost got to 40...
    And by that stage I'd already answered 3 social engineering questions about wearing non-mandated safety gear.
    That's 3 questions about controlling the motorcycle that could've been asked, but instead I was "forced" to agree on back protectors and kidney belts etc.

    And we wonder why the kiddies come on here while their license card is still warm from the RTA printer, telling us all what we should be wearing?
  16. Meh....what an antiquated test....sheeesh - I wouldn't give me a license....but here we are.
  17. Got one question wrong (misread it). Seems to be a bit too focused on the rules and not about road smarts, but obv. I can understand why it would be structured like that.
  18. 100% using english, then I tried again in chinese and got 3% sort of like in real life.
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  19. yje7ajaq.

    I thought this was interesting. The question itself is wrong. You should relax your grip on the bars, relax and let the bike sort itself out.
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  20. ^ Agreed.....

    Although like most/all examinations/tests.....the "right" answer is the most correct....not THE correct......