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NSW: Riders for Netrider Dinner in Vic?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. OK, well you hear me blather on about community and Netrider; I'm taking the week of Netrider Dinner off and riding down for it, and to spend some time with my Netrider friends.

    I know the GP is on the next weekend, but I have to be in Goulburn that Sunday, so I'll be staying in Melbourne from Tuesday 12th to the Friday the 15th and travelling back that day, or perhaps Saturday..

    Last year I rode down solo, but I'm wondering if anyone is interested in riding down with me on Monday the 11th? I'll be travelling the Princes Highway and it's around a 15 hour trip from Wollongong; you can add the amount of time it takes you to get here to YOUR trip.

    Whether you've done a long trip is sort-of relevant, but you'll need to have the stamina to do that trip in the day....

  2. was planning to go. would like to go. was hoping to go.

    dont think i can tho.
  3. Hah, no way is my bike comfortable enough.
    Or powerful enough.

    You might be able to get a few of the big sports bikes along with a bit of "The destination is 15 hours from Wollongong... but I reckon we can do it in 10!"
  4. I'd really like to do this, have the bike to do it, just need to see how time and finances go.
    Everything is up in the air for me at the moment!

    Regards, Andrew
  5. 8 hours on my bike hurts so 15 is out of the question unfortunately. Already planning on hiring a tourer for the Three Points ride pending me buying one.
  6. Mate, you can pick up really nice GTR's for around $6k, $4k for an average one. The last of them over here were in 2002, but they came in from 87 up.
    No major mechanical problems inherent in them, and cheap to maintain.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yep, and the Goulburn GTR is still available and registered too!!

  8. Sorry, initially thought you'd linked me to a site paying homage to the movie Moonraker! :LOL:
  9. Sorry, I won't be able to make it that far.
  10. would be great to put a few faces to names if a few of you can join paul....

    we've got a spare bed for one if needed for the week :)
  11. Well I will be holed up at Chez Stookie & Lil, but there you are, folks, pay for your petrol and Carri will provide you a bed.

    {Hornet people are SO nice :grin:}
  12. will let you all know by the end of august.
  13. so what the plan for the week in melbourne paul.