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nsw riders are stuffed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spenaroo, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Oh wow..Lucky cops :p
  2. I was about to change lanes, on the double check a flash of white in the mirror. He slows up, screams "YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST" Then screams off like I am at a standstill. Lucky cop indeed.
  3. ahhhh shit, looks like my number is up.

    That thing is a right beast, i want one of those little control panel things built into my fairings too. It can control the amount of supermodels falling on me from the sky at any given moment, the amount of tops that fall off girls as i ride past and the amount of awesome i emanate at any one time, among other things such as the rate of the earth's revolution and the temperature of the sun.

    I'm sure i could make it work.

    Alas, i digress.

    We are ****ed.
  4. just head to packed Woolworth's car park and weave in-between cars, will soon see him trying to pick up his bike :p
  5. Agreed the GTR weighs what 300 before they lump all that radio gear on it.....but that the issue with running anyway, you can't beat radio.
  6. saw 1 on the M4 prospect, had to double look to see it was a cop cause the orange confused me
  7. What... you thought they were the new Repsol colours?
  8. looks better than the kwaka green they used
  9. Look! It has a stunt cage.
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  10. would like to know what the camera is mounted on the front.
    assuming that's what it is.
  11. That sounds like a challnenge :)
  12. - s t

    + c
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  13. AFP have been rumoured to have a few ZX14s.
  14. And yet again I am reminded why I have a peculiar taste for narrow back country roads with just enough dirt and/or crap to keep most people away.
  15. Many have thought so, few have succeeded.
    Good luck to you though.

    actually I would bet money on me outrunning it on the husky motard I will get to add to the R1

    somehow I dont think this police bike will be able to go where the motard can go
  17. they'll catch me one day, but i'm still 3-0 up at the moment.
  18. the afp have a few....... this is news as its bieng tested for national use by police forces... there also testing harleys :rofl: sapol tested them a couple of years ago.... found them to be completely un suitable. couldnt turn, sc****d when doing everything and just generally crap for everything but going slow in a straight line (even then the bmw beat it) so dont know why nsw is wasting tax payers cash