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NSW rider training courses?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by livingstonest, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. which courses have people done in NSW?

    i'm going to do the pre-provisional course 3hrs duration this friday at clyde. anybody had experiences with this course from "stay upright"

    after this course on friday i'd like to do more......can anybody recommend any other courses in NSW? and can you tell me alittle about them?

  2. thanks for the great links there mouth!
  3. Check out the Learn n GRO stuff. If you join GRO, you can do the course for free

    I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial this course is and recommend it to any learner out there, boy or girl. My bf and I did this course about a month after we got our L's and it helped so much - I had been "scared" of my front brake up until that course, but was given ample opportunity to get friendly with it in a controlled environment. I was also taught the fundamentals of cornering and body position - this course is not all about The Three Second Gap & Buffering.

    The afternoon component, which essentially runs through the P's test was a huge help, and I think (aside from saddle time) is what gave me the skills & confidence to successfully pass my Ps test first go.

    If you haven't been to HART, go there! It's nothing like the manky skanky facilities at Clyde, for example. They have this awesome closed road track, several kilometres long with some interesting corners to hone your skills and they also have FREE coffee and tea. No avoiding pigeon poo under the M4 overpass like at Clyde...

    If you're a man's man, and are being stoopid cos it's a "girls ride out" thing, then get over it and sign up. By doing this course, you're essentially getting $150 value (the cost of the advanced learners course at HART) for the cost of annual GRO membership ~$20. There were a few guys there when I did the course and I met people that day that I still ride and socialise with now.

    DO IT!
  4. hey flashfire, i would like to do that course but i don't have a bike down in sydney and i don't want to ride down from newcastle for it....

    can i hire bikes there?
  5. Yep - you can hire bikes there for sure. Contact Karla at LNG@girlsrideout.com for further info. Tell her I sent you! :)
  6. If I were you, I'd cancel the Clyde one if you can, and do the Learn N GRO instead.
  7. ok flashfire i'll follow your advice........i'll cancel the clyde one and book for learn n gro

    can i ask is it because the clyde one is not good? cause maybe i can do both?
  8. Well, I personally don't like Clyde - did both my Ls & Ps there. The facilities suck and they don't have a closed track like they do at HART, so I can't imagine what the course actually entails other than going through the cone-weave and u-turn etc. At HART, you actually get to go above 20kmph... If you've got cash to burn, do both for sure, but for a mere $20 + bike hire you can do it at HART with Learn N GRO.
  9. ok thanks flashfire.........yeah clyde aint too good, did my learners there

    ok i've emailed learn n gro and hopefully i can do it at their eastwood local, thanks again for all your great advice!
  10. My pleasure. Hope it works out for you :)
  11. My rear tyre is almost bald...... would they still let me do the course? or are they like the rta and say its not legal etc? (theres a bit of ttread but its pretty low)
  12. I don't know what the official stance is, however I'd like to know what you're thinking running a bald tyre!? :shock: Can't you get a new one?
  13. hey thanks flashfire........i'm booked in for 10th september, saturday.......looking forward to it....i need the lessons!!
  14. I think the tire is fine but everyone else reckons its illegal
  15. Well, in that case, contact the email address I specified and book yourself in for 10th September. The worst that can happen is that they turn you away on the day, in which case you've lost no $ as you can do another Learn n GRO later and you still get your GRO membership.
  16. I dont know if they will notice but.....

    from http://www.girlsrideout.com/LNG.htm