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[NSW] Rideout: Jenolan Caves, Sun Jan 6, Sun Jan 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Zenon Els

    There has not been a rideout in ages, so lets get the new year off to a good start with a ride to Jenolan Caves.

    When: Sunday January 6

    Meet: Richmond McDonalds 9:30am for a 10:00am departure

    If you wish to have a meet up point closer to the c...

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  2. i cant belive noone has replied top this.... if i get my stuff together im an inner for sure...
  3. Been in that area a week ago but hey I'll be in again.
    I'll try to get few mates as well :p
  4. I'll be there.

    Haven't been out that way before, so should be good.

    Keen to meet some netriders! :)
  5. Hey Hey Zendog! long time no ridey speaky!

    Doin the nightshift thing for work through till sunday night but i recon i can squeeze in a trip to the caves on sunday. It'll give me a chance to see how well my new tyres grip!
  6. Dont bust yourself hally - remember its a big one, you need to be fresh for this ride!

    Weather report is not promising...will fill you in as it gets closer.
  7. I'm in,

    amyone from the eastern suburbs want to meet up on route?
  8. I will be there, weather permitting and new brake pads permitting.

  9. might make this one, weather permitting.
  10. weather permitting i to shall come allong to.
    I would be keen to hook up with someone local who knows the way.
    Dan Chee?
  11. No worries mate, will send sms if not going otherwise meet you at petrol station corner of princes highway and waratah street Kirrawee at 08.00am
  12. Yeah ill see how im feeling and what the weather is doing. Hope to have an early finnish on satdy night. Ill sms and let you know what in doin anyway.

    cheers mate
  13. There is a group of people meeting at the Space Station at Lane Cove at about 8-8:30. If you dont know where that is, its on Epping Rd on the left heading west. Its a shell servo with Maccas and its located in the 60km section where they are doing road work.

    Hope that helps mate.

    Hope to see you there - at Richmond that is.
  14. I'm confirmed. With my shiny new brake pads.
    See you guys at richmond.
  15. As long as not raining too much, count me in.

    Rockjob make sure your number plate is on tight this time. lol
  16. Just so you know I have posted this ride on 4 forums in total - ORS, Overclockers, Netrider and Two Wheels. I dont see a major problem with it seeing we all have the same interest - regardless of what forum we frequent - if any. I am just letting you know because people dont seem to be too happy about it for some reason. If you have issues with "Cross Forumisation", then you dont have to come. I just wanted to extend the welcome to anyone and everyone who wanted to have a ride.

    At the moment, the total is: 10 riders are definite
    17 riders are maybe's (weather mostly)

    According to the BOM the weather for Sunday is:
    Katoomba : A few showers. Min: 15 Max: 23

    I have a feeling it will be ok for riding.

    Hope to see you there for an enjoyable day's ride.

    Let me know if you have questions.
  17. just changed the black filthy filter and oil with a nice new filter and some silky smooth Castrol synthetic. :cool:
  18. I post on both overclockers and this forum so no worries with me.
  19. PM your number, think I feel like a stretching of bike legs might be on the cards for tomorrow :)
  20. I'll be a maybe, subject to the cloudbursts in the morning...

    Will I ride the GTR or the Nexus... :roll: I've done this run on both previously, both love the bends out that way :grin:

    looked out his morning at the clear blue sky, had a tub, got dressed and it turned into a filthy morning :mad: good time to shop for more goodies :LOL: :LOL: