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[NSW] Ride4difference 2008, Sat May 3rd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Lou

    Now in our 3rd year of this great Chaity event this significant milestone will ensure plenty of media attention and will surely grow the event for future years. 100% of funds to the Day of difference Foundation.

    Ride4difference 2008

    When: ...

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  2. Im in for this one!
  3. Think all should attend!!

    Hi All,

    I believe maximum attendance should be encouraged!

    Not only is it a good cause.

    But good media attention about the biking community is a good thing. :wink:

    Might help the politicans with some futue decisions. :wink:

    So I am a definate starter!!

  4. If possible I will be out for this one
  6. I'll be there :grin:
  7. I will see you there
  8. I've looked at the link, but still have no idea what it's in benefit of ... nor the cost. Can anyone advise pls?
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  10. Thanks mods for fixing up.
    Matt thanks for putting the link in.

    There were a few netriders that won prizes last year, and it is a great day out.

    So Bob what did you do with your prize? :LOL:
    And I think Haggis won some too.

    Cheers Lou
  11. Not sure if I'll be in it or not... It depends what time it finishes I suppose - I need to be elsewhere in Sydney by around 4pm!

    Anyone know what time the ride usually finishes?
  12. Last year it finished at around 5pm but you can leave when every you wish to.
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  14. From the web site..

    In honour of Sophie Delezio ride4difference Fundraiser for Day of Difference Foundation

    "The Day of Difference foundation distributes funds raised to the Children's Hospitals and to the Concord skin laboratory. Unfortunately many children are tragically injured or stricken ill each year and unless we keep doing something to help there will be little advancement of research and available technology.

    So I urge anyone who can help in any way to please support this annual event and the Day of Difference Foundation so that they can continue their vital work. ...

    AWA has supplied a great LCD TV prize for the indavidual that raises the most sponsorship funds.


    Hope that clears a few things up for people.
  15. im in for this one, was a great day last year, and a trully worthy cause. and i might be riding something different :wink: :grin:
  16. Your a tease mate.

    Depends on what time it finishes but might head back to fiddler after. There usually hanging around until 8pm

    Cheers Lou
  17. Who ??? meeee, never :p :wink: :LOL:
  18. Spewing

    Im not going to be able to make it, had a gig booked at the last minute.

    Not happy cause this is one that I like to be involved in but there will be next year

    Have a great day
  19. I think i'll come along for this one and join in on the fun :grin:

    Is anyone meeting before hand at a certain place, or just going to one of those group muster points?
  20. Sorry folks i have to bail out of this one.