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[NSW] Ride to Wisemans Ferry, Sun 13th Aug

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Sort of organised quickly.

    If you are near Parramatta, Castle Hill, Northmead, Old Toongabbie, or can get there ok. etc.

    Sunday 13th August [this one coming] some mates and I are doing the run to Wisemans Ferry.

    Forecast is fine and sunny.

    Leaving from Baulkham Hills at 11am.
    Meet at Watkins Rd, Baulkham Hills. It's my house - just come up the hill from Cropley Drive and you'll see bikes on your right pretty quick.

    It's not a long ride - under an hour there, have lunch then under an hour back.

    Any riders welcome - L's, P's, full license, anything you want. No-one will be left behind or abandoned. Top chance to meet some other riders from this area.
    Everyone's nice and friendly!

    The road is fun, and you can ride at your own pace.
    Lunch at the pub is great. You'll need a tank of fuel, and up to $20 for lunch.

    Tops if you can make it! Looking forward to it!
  2. spewin, if i werent going to the dogs game tomorrow, id be in for sure.
  3. how could you miss a ride . look how nice it is outside
  4. I am a maybe and will post in the morning if I will turn up. Send PM with mobile in case I get lost...

    Will be coming from Liverpool if anyone wants to meet up along the way

    Regards, Nick
  5. Depends if you can give me some petrol nick ha ! If deepwater dosent go to doggys ill come
  6. DAMN thats tempting....I might call in sick tomorrow....will update as information presents itself....Ktulu I'll SMS you yay/nay tommorow morning.
  7. me miss a dogs game...ha
  8. PASS ! :(

    I'm one of those weirdos that think the words FUN and RUN can be used in the same sentance ! :rofl:

    When i'm halfway up heart break hill, i'll think about this ride ! :LOL:
  9. Church all day...

    Woulda been good to get out there with you all. Still, there's always next time I suppose.
  10. If only my bike was being delivered 2 weeks earlier :cry:
  11. GOOD LUCK MICKY!!! Use your special NetRider power ring to summon help if you need the Super Fun Squad to soop along and give you a power up....or a pillion to the finish!
  12. Scrambles - my dad's a GP, so if you need a Medical Certificate to get out of work... ;D

    ksystemz - I'm sure we can do a whip round and get a tank of fuel for you :) If you want to come, do it. I'm serious, we'll make arrangements.

    Matchistick01 - no worries, I'll make sure to organise another ride in a couple of weeks.

    Night_Stalker - come for the ride! Visit my church tomorrow night. It starts at 6pm and is 2 minutes from my house. Easy!

    Anyone who can come: brilliant. Remember, be there BEFORE 11am. We'll probably give you 10-15 mins late gap, but when we leave, we leave!

    Anyone who can't come, don't sweat it. There's always next time.
  13. Haha,

    Not that easy man, I have responsibilities at mine, I help set up pack up and a lotta things in between. I can't just drop those responsibilities.

    You all have a good run through there though. I'll go for a ride in the afternoon/evening or something.
  14. As tempting as that sounds....we are televising the damn Ciyt to Surf...which means I'm needed here. Plus I might get lucky and see Micky having a stroke somewhere halfway up Heartbreak Hill....
  15. As long as you post a link to the video: you're excused :p
  16. Thanks for the PM ktulu

    I already have to pike for tomorrow as the misses reminded me of a bbq we are going to.

    Went to the Joe Rocket sale at Paramatta and picked up (I hope because the rep will call me on Monday if they have the size and colour I liked) a nice new Joe Rocket leather jacket.

    Sorry to miss this one although I tried.

    Regards, Nick
  17. Ktulu, this is an old joke from the past... ksystemz is not hard up for fuel but HE DOES OWE ME LUNCH!! + a beer
  18. Hey, I'm just expressing my interest in this ride. Anything to build up on my experience would be fantastic. I'll give you a PM in a tick

    What's the crowd going to be like?

    FYI: some background -
    This is my 2nd week on my L's... I have a CBR250r.

    I havent had much experience in terms of cruises, but i did go on a mega long cruise last weekend: old pacfic hwy --> wollombi --> broke --> windsor (via putty rd).
  19. After doing this ride you should be considered well experienced.